Heartik @ TIME

April 19th, 2012

Review and Video Posted by Gosia Mrugala

Heartik @ TIME, Toronto – April 13, 2012

It’s about time Canadian audiences got a look at Heartik. The young Italian has been refining his production skills since 2008, and last Friday night he brought his impressive sound to the dancefloor of Toronto’s TIME nightclub.. This is a venue with a lot to offer, including a rock-solid sound setup for EDM performers, and though it’s a wee bit small it offers a pleasingly intimate atmosphere.

Can’t say I was impressed with the turnout for the event, but the shortage of warm bodies didn’t slow up the headline performer. He kicked off his set with a funky crowd-pleaser, before slipping into some comfortable tech-house. Heartik has mind-bogglingly brilliant taste when it comes to music selection – indicative, I’d say, of his potential to rock much larger crowds. Couple that with his powerfully appealing stage presence and positive energy, and you’ve got a DJ/producer worth watching — and listening — for.

Heartik has posted his full set from TIME Toronto on SoundCloud. LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD HERE

 Gosia Mrugala is a Toronto-based blogger and reviewer. You can read her blog HERE, and follow her on Twitter HERE.

Scott’s Selections – Playoff Edition

April 19th, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats

Just in time for the NHL post-season, I’ve compiled my latest hard-hitting mix. Who needs holograms when you’ve got a mix of Jackbeats, OVERWERK, Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Eptic and Kill The Noise. Accompanied by my cuts and add-ons, you know this is a definite download.


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Sweet, Sweet Nectar

April 18th, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats

Posting has been a little light these last few days, but never fear: things are about to get very, very heavy. Today, some bass for your earhole. Seems the legendary long-haired freak known as Bassnectar is back with a new album packed of must-hear cuts designed to reduce your subwoofer to a cringing, weeping wreck. (No mas! No mas!) The deliciously titled VaVa Voom is a a collection of sounds that Bassnectar (a.k.a. Lorin Ashton) has been compiling for some time, all crafted with the same motive: to rock your brain into a coma. The illustrious likes of ill.Gates, Jantsen, Tina Malia and Lupe Fiasco all make guest appearances.

The title track showcases the sound that Bassnectar is so justly proud of: the climbing steps and low voice at the beginning make it feel real Dirty South, and for a second or two you have to remind yourself it’s an EDM artist who made this beat. Once the bass kicks in, the track is unmistakeably Bassnectar, and with Lupe’s philosophical flow and street fluency, it all blend together perrrrrrrrrrrfectly.

The rest of the album is equally essential, so be sure to check it all out.


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Sweets of the Week – Coachella Edition

April 13th, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats

It’s no secret that Coachella, which kicks off today, is the festival all the “cool kids” swarm to. Maybe it’s the fact that no media are admitted, or just that the organizers somehow manage to book the best artists in the world year in and year out (many from our own EDM world) — whatever the reason, one thing is certain: this is definitely a box that needs to be checked off your bucket list.

Now, for those of you who can’t make the cross-continent voyage to that sunny valley in California — no worries, I got you covered. This week’s “Sweets” features tracks from some of the hottest acts set to smash up Coachella this year. Put on your cargo shorts, switch on the sun lamp and crank the tunes. Close your eyes and it’s almost like you’re there. OK, I said almost.

Metronomy – The Look: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Sick …

Kele – Tenderoni: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Amon Tobin – Bedtime Stories: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Extra sick …

araabMUZIK – I Remember (Electronic Dreams Deluxe Edition): LISTEN TO IT HERE


Kendrick Lamar- The Spiteful Chant: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Sexy …

Breakbot – Make You Mine: LISTEN TO IT HERE


Doctor P – Neon: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Frank Ocean – Swim Good: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Smoothe … like smooth with an “e,” as in eeeeeeextra smooth …

Gotye – Smoke and Mirrors: LISTEN TO IT HERE

R3hab – Chainsaw Showers: LISTEN TO IT HERE

A classic re-worked …

Justice – Valentine: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Kaskade – Turn It Down (Le Castle Vania Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Hands down, the one artist I would most want to see live at Coachella …

Katy Perry – Part Of Me (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

And that, I think, is enough for now. But check back next week as we double down on Coachella artists and get into the nitty gritty!!!!!


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Sydney Blu @ The Hoxton

April 12th, 2012

Posted by Gosia Mrugala

Sydney Blu @ The Hoxton, Toronto – April 7.2012

As a performer, Ottawa-born/Miami-based Sydney Blu is truly hellacious: she projects so much positive energy, and vibes off the audience brilliantly. From the minute she took the stage at The Hoxton, her musical charisma enraptured the crowd. (Among them was fellow Canadian Deadmau5, who turned up to show his support.) It was an accomplished performance that kept the room in a frenzy from the first beat to the final track. This was my first chance to see Sydney Blu in person, and I can attest confidently now to her gifts, both as a producer and a performer. If you haven’t been lucky enough to catch her live on the decks, I’d recommend that you bookmark her tour dates page and make a point of turning out the next time she’s in your geographic vicinity. It’s an experience I promise you won’t forget.

Gosia Mrugala is a Toronto-based blogger and reviewer. You can read her blog HERE, and follow her on Twitter HERE.

We Own The Night

April 11th, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats

Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to post this track! Released towards the end of WMC, it’s a massive banger from a legend and a soon-to-be-legend. I’m talking, of course, about Tiësto and Wolfgang Gartner, whom followers of this blog will recall shared a stage last year at Toronto’s Ricoh Coliseum. (Check out the review HERE.) Together, they’ve dropped “We Own The Night,” featuring vocals  by Luciana. Tracks like this aren’t meant to be described — they’re meant to be shared. So allow me to share with you an instant classic courtesy of three artists the whole bpm Nation knows and loves.

Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner feat. Luciana – We Own The Night (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

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Miami Nice

April 11th, 2012

bpm:tv producer Declan O’Driscoll went to Miami last month and all we got was … this frickin’ awesome photo album. Check out Declan’s amazing behind-the-scenes images from WMC 2012, featuring the likes of Steve Aoki, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, BT, Jes and many others — and stay tuned for a special Miami edition of bpm Spotlight, coming soon. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY.


The Night Out

April 10th, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats

A Tuesday to celebrate for fans of French house (and really, aren’t we all?). One of bpm:tv’s — and Canada’s — favourite European DJs, Martin Solveig has released the latest instalment in his “Smash” series of videos.

“Smash” has proven a massive success, and has really demonstrated what good music, clever filmmaking and savvy use of social media can accomplish for an artist. In addition to which, it has revealed a charmingly vulnerable and human side to one of EDM’s true superstar DJs — something refreshing for all of us “ordinary” people to see.

This new episode, “The Night Out,” features cameos from Sidney Samson, A-Trak, Porter Robinson, Dillon Francis, Laidback Luke, Zedd and many more. The offbeat humour of the story, the pause-worthy guest appearances, the stellar cinematography — there’s something in here for just about everybody. Enjoy the show!

Previously on “Smash” …

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Album Review: Morgan Page – In The Air

April 9th, 2012

Posted by Gosia Mrugala

Born in Vermont and now based in L.A., MORGAN PAGE has been making electronic music from the age of 12. It’s fair to say he’s come a long way. His crowd-pleasing, mellisonant originals and remixes are evidence of a talent that has evolved successfully. Page’s new album In The Air (showcased recently here at bpmtv.com) has its listless patches, but nevertheless offers some rapturous tracks that should satisfy the craving for stellar progressive house, whether in the comfort of your home or car, or wheeling around the dance floor. Let’s break it down.

1.”In The Air” – Hands-down, my favourite track on the album. Angela McCluskey‘s soothing susurrus of a voice dances evocatively to the beat Page lays down. A great way to start things off.

2. “Where Did You Go” – A more upbeat approach. Definitely made to get the crowd moving at the club. If anything, it’s maybe a bit too dance-y for my tastes. But no denying the strength of the rhythm.

3. “Body Work” – I have to say, I absolutely love Tegan and Sara‘s voices here. An upbeat track, this is definitely going on my playlist for the gym. Perfect for dancing your ass off, “Body Work” has been floating around since last year, but has gained well deserved popularity thanks to Page’s own club mix and reworks by Lazy Rich and Richard Dinsdale.

4. “Carry Me” – I don’t think I know anyone who can say they aren’t entranced with Nadia Ali’s voice; small wonder she graces tracks by so many different DJs.The melding of voice and rhythm here is most grazioso. Press play and let it “carry” you to a state of musical euphoria.

5. “The Only One” – A mellifluous love song that creates a mellow, halcyon mood. Best enjoyed at home with headphone — I don’t see this moving the dance floor, unless there’s club-tempo remix in the works (which: not a bad idea).

6. “S.O.S.” – A unique trance spin on The Police‘s 1979 classic “Message In A Bottle” about a desert island castaway in search of love. A surprisingly successful remake — definitely worthy of a listen.

7. “The Actor” – I do like the lyrics to this track, but the rhythm isn’t satisfying my musical senses. All in all, an OK track, but a bit insipid compared to some of the other material on the album. Can’t say I would personally press replay for this one.

8. “Missing” – Nothing “missing” on this track. An aberrant yet interesting start, a warm, flowing melody and a catchy rhythm that won’t let you stay perfectly still.

9. “Light Years” - I’m a big fan, personally, of adding real instruments (like the piano in this track) to lend a “classical” touch to a track. This is a soothing, almost pianissimo trance track, with impressive lyrics. Have to admit, I pressed replay on this one more than once or twice.

10. “Love Mistaken” - I can’t say this one really left a lasting imprint in my musical memory the way some of the others did. It’s a decent enough trance track but a bit of an oblivion for me, frankly.

11. “Gimme Plenty” – A funky sound to this track, with Shana Halligan’s vocals lending a welcome touch of soul. Seductive!

12. “Video” - Again, the great voices of Tegan and Sara. The addictive vocal hook with its “electro” sound lends the perfect kick to this track’s captivating trance rhythm. I pressed repeat — so will you.

13. “Addicted” - Greg Laswell’s vocals mesh ideally with the calm yet surprisingly “addictive” beat that Page has worked up for this one. It borders on the mellow, but still has enough of a kick that it can be enjoyed on the dancefloor.

Gosia Mrugala is a Toronto-based blogger and reviewer. You can read her blog HERE, and follow her on Twitter HERE.

Sweets of the Week – April 5

April 5th, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats


First and foremost a Happy Good Friday and Easter Sunday to all of bpm nation. Amidst all your ragin’ this long weekend, try to take a few minutes to remember the meaning of the holiday.

Thursday is one of the biggest nights in the club world. Even the people who don’t enjoy clubbing — because of the crowds, because of the price it exacts on your wallet and your body — will be out and about tonight. I think it’s a great time to hit a club that has a resident DJ and see what he or she is playing. Are they sticking with the tried-and-true crowd-pleasers, or pushing the boundaries with some creative new sounds? All questions worth answering, while indulging in a few drinks and the occasional taste of eye candy.

With Coachella coming up, next week’s Sweets will be dedicated to that infamous festival, which showcases some of the best acts in the world in a three-day clusterf**k. Meantime, this week’s helping should hold you all the way to 4/20, when we will get high together. Figuratively speaking, of course ;-) .


Return of the Mizzack! Best tune of the week

Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

After seeing these guys perform two weeks ago, I’m really wishing I could have been in Miami when they made this!

Tocadisco feat. Julian Smith – That Miami Track ( Bassjackers Remix ): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Couldn’t believe I hadn’t posted this yet. Hugeness from Zedd

Zedd – Shotgun: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Very proper!

BeatauCue – Slow Down: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Been a while since I heard the Japanese Popstars. Very much missed them. BTW: Not Japanese. Not pop stars. Now you know.

BeatauCue – Slow Down (The Japanese Popstars Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Came across these just a couple of days ago. Thought I would share. Different, yet utterly irresistible.

C2C – Down The Road: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Get used to these guys.

These Vile Creatures – Helicopter Showdown feat. Lea Luna: LISTEN TO IT HERE 


Keep an eye out for that Steve Aoki Web exclusive coming soon!

Dillllllllon Francis and Nero Tomorrow!!!!!!

…enjoy the Easter eggggggggggs!

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