Live Review: DZEKO & TORRES: Updated!

May 7th, 2013

Dzeko & Torres @ The Hoxton, Toronto – April 27, 2013. Presented by Embrace

Reviewed by Gosia Mrugala

While I’ve had occasion to listen to buzz-worthy Toronto duo DZEKO & TORRES in the comfort of my own home, it’s a sad fact that I’ve somehow never managed to catch them live. That situation, happily, was rectified recently at The Hoxton — a local venue where they’ve built something of a name for themselves. The pair brought their trademark big-room electric sound, driving the crowd into a full-on animalistic frenzy.

I had a few moments to chat with Julian Dzeko and Luis Torres at the show, and queried them about the benefits of working as duo. Torres told me: “It’s good because you have two creative minds bringing ideas to the table. That can also be tough at times, when two different ideas clash. But we work through it till we come to a conclusion that we’re both happy with.”

It’s awe-inspiring to watch these two play live — the way they work together seamlessly, mixing, complementing each other’s musical selections and shaping the set into a satisfying whole. Their mutual passion for the music is plainly evident on stage, just as it is in their studio work.

I wrapped up the conversation by asking the boys for their opinion on the music scene in Toronto. Dzeko replied: “The scene in Toronto has been pretty big for the past 10-15 years, but it has grown a little stronger in the U.S. Here in Canada,  especially in Toronto, the music scene didn’t just begin in the past two years — but as I said, the past 10-15 years. But I would say Toronto has a strong music scene and community.”

If you’ve been missing out on Dzeko & Torres, as I was, now’s the time to change that. Keep an eye on their gig schedule and mark your calendar when they come to town

Couple of new tracks:

Hurricane (feat Sarah McLeod) – BUY IT ON BEATPORT

Down to This (with Chuckie) – BUY IT ON BEATPORT

Check out some photos from the event below. Photographer: James Nahhas (@NAHSTEE)

Special thanks to CruelTO. (Follow them on Facebook HERE.)

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April 16th, 2013

Maya Jane Coles @ The Hoxton, Toronto – April 12, 2013. Presented by Embrace & Platform

Reviewed by Gosia Mrugala

ALL PHOTOS: James Drobik

I’ve been in love with the deep house sound of UK producer/DJ Maya Jane Coles ever since I heard her Low Key EP. The title track alone was “Low Key” is all it took to get me hooked.

This is one talented and prolific young artist. In addition to the house tracks she puts out under her own name, Coles records dubstep under the alias Nocturnal Sunshine, and has teamed up with vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Lena Cullen to form the electronic dub duo She Is Danger. Little wonder Rolling Stone ranked MJC number 14 last fall on its list of the world’s 25 most influential DJs.

Coles brought her distinctive sound to The Hoxton in Toronto last Friday — and what a night it was! The lineup outside wrapped right around the building, tickets at the door sold out in a heartbeat, and the joint was quickly filled wall-to-wall. The vibe was raw and had a delicious, underground feel. Coles’ artful production and unerring musical selection had the whole crowd swaying oceanically to those sweet, deep rhythms.

Keep an eye on MJC’s touring schedule HERE, and be ready to snap up tix quick if she’s gonna be in your neighbourhood.

More photos:

Gosia Mrugala is a Toronto-based blogger and reviewer. You can read her blog HERE, and follow her on Twitter HERE.


Live Review: Flume & EPROM

April 12th, 2013

Flume + EPROM @ The Hoxton, Toronto – April 4, 2013

Reviewed by Gosia Mrugala

Friday night, and the dance floor at The Hoxton was filling up rapidly, a crush of bodies thrumming with excitement and anticipation. You could feel it: the indefinable something in the air that says, “This is gonna be good.”

I’d be a liar if I said I had much prior familiarity with the music of Australian DJ/producer Flume or the artist who shared the bill with him, Portland, Oregon-based EPROM. But I can tell you that, after hearing them last week, I’ve rectified that situation. I couldn’t wait to start SoundClouding and Beatporting their stuff the minute I left the club.

EPROM is a techie terms that stands for erasable programmable read only memory — “a little memory chip thing,” he explained when we spoke after the show. When I asked him to describe his sound,  he termed it “electronic music grafted onto rap.”

I was captivated by his set. He communicated effortlessly with the crowd, hyping them into a frenzy, and his musical selection was positively orgasmic.  His passion for the job and for the music was palpable, both on stage and when we chatted later. This was his first time performing in Toronto, and when I asked for his reaction, he said: “Tonight was f*cken awesome! Super responsive crowd — everyone was giving me a really good vibe. which I feed off of when I play”

When Flume took the stage the crowd went wild, the dance floor devolving into a clusterf*ck of the musically enslaved. And the set that followed left me beyond words.

Flume describes his musical style as “experimental electronic music with a strong hip hop influence and lots of catchy melodies.” But that doesn’t do it justice. His sound that night was wonderfully grimey, with the kind of “underground” feel that is all too rare on the EDM scene nowadays. His energy, too, is awe-inspiring: when he played his track “Holding On,” the audience reaction was spine-tingling, climaxing with a burst of spontaneous applause.

Do yourself a favour and get to know these artists before they hit town again.

Special thanks to Francois and the Embrace team! Check out the Embrace Web site HERE to stay on top of upcoming events.

Some more pics from the show. All images courtesy of Embrace Presents:

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Gosia’s Track of the Day: Syn Cole, “April”

February 11th, 2013

Syn Cole – April: BUY IT ON BEATPORT

Having been talented-spotted by Avicii‘s record label LE7ELS, young Estonian DJ/producer SYN COLE is quickly making a name for himself. This awe-inspiring track definitely will satisfy any progressive house junkie, even if it does slip a taste or two of dubstep into the recipe. An intriguing production, and one that has roused my curiosity to see this up-and-coming talent on the decks.

Gosia Mrugala is a Toronto-based blogger and reviewer. You can read her blog HERE, and follow her on Twitter HERE.



Miss Kittin: the bpm:tv Interview

December 20th, 2012

Posted by Gosia Mrugala

Vive la france! bpm:tv blogger Gosia Mrugala goes tête-à-tête with Parisian producer/DJ MISS KITTIN (a.k.a. Caroline Hervé).

GOSIA MRUGALA: Hey, Caroline Hervé! what have you been up to lately?

MISS KITTIN: Playing every weekend, Christmas dinner at my place with my Parisian friends, and working on the future live show that will follow the release of my new album.

GM: Where did the name “Miss Kittin” come from?

MK: An illegal party we organized when I was at art school, in a military fort. I was asked to play in the chillout area. They needed a name for the flyer. I said “Kittin,” like “Kick into something.” It has nothing to do with “kitten.” Later on, all promoters started putting “Miss” in front, because it was more fashionable. I could never get rid of it.

GM: How would you describe your musical style?

MK: “Diverse.”

GM: Who would you say have been your biggest influences?

MK: Life in general.

GM: As in “Life is My Teacher.” What are some things you’ve learned from life?

MK: It’s all said in the song.

Miss Kittin – Life Is My Teacher (Original Mix): BUY IT ON BEATPORT

GM: Your top three tracks at the moment?

MK: 1) Nick CurlyUnderground (Dennis Ferrer Remix) | 2) George FitzgeraldUnilateral | 3) Maxxi Soundsystem feat. Name OneRegrets We Have No Use For

GM: When you created your label Nobody’s Bizzness, you said it was about maintaining the maximum freedom with your music. How would you describe the relationship between a label and its artists, and what kind of influence do labels have on an artist’s music?

MK: I always think it’s better to be a label manager if you’re not a DJ or a musician, to avoid ego fights. I’ve seen that a lot. That’s why I don’t release other people yet, because I don’t have time to take care of them properly. I will do it when I am 100% available for them.

GM: Do you prefer playing at clubs or festivals?

MK: Both — good balance. You can experiment in clubs, and throw the big show in festivals.

GM: Any upcoming projects or collaborations in the works?

MK: My new double album [Calling From The Stars, slated for release April 22, 2013 on wSphere] a live show, a song with Acid Washed, another one with Aquarius Heaven, and more.

GM: Where do you see yourself in five years?

MK: I don’t know!

Miss Kittin’s new digital-only EP Life Is My Teacher is out now! Buy it on Beatport HERE. Buy it on iTunes HERE.

Download the single “Life Is My Teacher” for free on SoundCloud HERE.

Gosia Mrugala is a Toronto-based blogger and reviewer. You can read her blog HERE, and follow her on Twitter HERE.


Heartik @ TIME

April 19th, 2012

Review and Video Posted by Gosia Mrugala

Heartik @ TIME, Toronto – April 13, 2012

It’s about time Canadian audiences got a look at Heartik. The young Italian has been refining his production skills since 2008, and last Friday night he brought his impressive sound to the dancefloor of Toronto’s TIME nightclub.. This is a venue with a lot to offer, including a rock-solid sound setup for EDM performers, and though it’s a wee bit small it offers a pleasingly intimate atmosphere.

Can’t say I was impressed with the turnout for the event, but the shortage of warm bodies didn’t slow up the headline performer. He kicked off his set with a funky crowd-pleaser, before slipping into some comfortable tech-house. Heartik has mind-bogglingly brilliant taste when it comes to music selection – indicative, I’d say, of his potential to rock much larger crowds. Couple that with his powerfully appealing stage presence and positive energy, and you’ve got a DJ/producer worth watching — and listening — for.

Heartik has posted his full set from TIME Toronto on SoundCloud. LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD HERE

 Gosia Mrugala is a Toronto-based blogger and reviewer. You can read her blog HERE, and follow her on Twitter HERE.

Sydney Blu @ The Hoxton

April 12th, 2012

Posted by Gosia Mrugala

Sydney Blu @ The Hoxton, Toronto – April 7.2012

As a performer, Ottawa-born/Miami-based Sydney Blu is truly hellacious: she projects so much positive energy, and vibes off the audience brilliantly. From the minute she took the stage at The Hoxton, her musical charisma enraptured the crowd. (Among them was fellow Canadian Deadmau5, who turned up to show his support.) It was an accomplished performance that kept the room in a frenzy from the first beat to the final track. This was my first chance to see Sydney Blu in person, and I can attest confidently now to her gifts, both as a producer and a performer. If you haven’t been lucky enough to catch her live on the decks, I’d recommend that you bookmark her tour dates page and make a point of turning out the next time she’s in your geographic vicinity. It’s an experience I promise you won’t forget.

Gosia Mrugala is a Toronto-based blogger and reviewer. You can read her blog HERE, and follow her on Twitter HERE.

We Own The Night

April 11th, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats

Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to post this track! Released towards the end of WMC, it’s a massive banger from a legend and a soon-to-be-legend. I’m talking, of course, about Tiësto and Wolfgang Gartner, whom followers of this blog will recall shared a stage last year at Toronto’s Ricoh Coliseum. (Check out the review HERE.) Together, they’ve dropped “We Own The Night,” featuring vocals  by Luciana. Tracks like this aren’t meant to be described — they’re meant to be shared. So allow me to share with you an instant classic courtesy of three artists the whole bpm Nation knows and loves.

Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner feat. Luciana – We Own The Night (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

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bpm:tv Free Previews in April

March 31st, 2012

So here’s some good news: if you’re a Bell TV or TELUS TV customer, you can enjoy bpm:tv free of charge from April 1 to 30. We’re in free preview with both providers all month long. It’s the perfect opportunity to sample our full lineup: the best new and classic videos, live sets by leading acts, artist profiles, fashion and a whole bunch more.

We’re channel number 579 on Bell TV — part of the Movies And More theme pack. Go to or call Bell TV at 1 888 759-3474 to subscribe.

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Morgan Page: In The Air – Listening Party

March 22nd, 2012

Attention bpm Nation!

If, like us, you’re a devotee of banging, progressive house, then you ought to be primed for two-time Grammy nominee MORGAN PAGE‘s new album In The Air, the follow-up to his 2010 long-player Believe. And, in the absurdly unlikely event that you’re not already primed … well, you will be once you’ve checked out the killer video for his single “Body Work,” featuring the estimable Tegan and Sara.

So: pretty awesome, right? Kind of makes you want to hear the whole album? Well, guess what: you’ll be able to do right here at Starting on Monday April 2, we’ll be hosting our first-ever online listening party, courtesy of Nettwerk. Drop by our home page any time during that week, click on the Morgan Page banner, and stream the entire album. Post a comment and let us know what you think.

Here’s a short sampler that’ll give you a taste of what to expect. See you April 2!

Morgan Page – In The Air Album Preview: LISTEN TO IT HERE