Attention shoppers: bpm:tv DANCE 2012 compilation in stores today!

April 3rd, 2012

And the awesome continues. (Who said April is the cruelest month? Oh, right: this guy.)

So anyway. Our long-awaited bpm:tv DANCE 2012 compilation CD hits the streets today, with a lineup that includes Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, Martin Solveig & Dragonette, Nervo featuring Afrojack & Steve Aoki, Sak Noel … and many more, as they say on the television. Mixed, as always, by the estimable DJ Marky D.

You can find bpm:tv DANCE 2012 at Best Buy, HMV and Walmart, or BUY IT ONLINE.

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Win A Copy of MC MARIO MIXDOWN 2012

March 15th, 2012


The relentless MC Mario is back with the latest installment in his best-selling MIXDOWN series, a brand new continuous-mix compilation from Universal Music Canada that features massive club hits from the likes of LMFAO, Avicii, David Guetta, Rihanna, Martin Solveig & Dragonette and many more!

bpm:tv is giving away 10 copies of MC MARIO MIXDOWN 2012. Just go to our FACEBOOK PAGE to find out how to enter.

Here’s the CD tracklist:

* Taio Cruz – Hangover (Hardwell Remix Radio Edit)

* Avicii – Levels

* Mohombi – In Your Head (High Level Remix Radio Edit)

* Rihanna & Calvin Harris – We Found Love (R3hab XS Remix)

* LMFAO – Sexy & I Know It (Audiobot Radio Edit)

* Modena & Carlprit – Shake That Boo Boo (Sasha Dith Remix)

* Havana Brown feat. Pitbull –We Run The Night

* Sasha Lopez & Andreea D feat. Broono – All My People

* Sak Noel – Loca People (What the F**k!”) (Clean Edit)

* Jennifer Lopez – Papi (Mixin Marc & Tony Svedja Radio Edit)

* Nayer feat. Mohombi & Pitbull – Suave (Kiss Me)

* Martin Solveig & Dragonette feat. Idoling!!! – Big In Japan (Denzal Park Remix)

* Chrizzo & Maxim feat. Amanda Wilson – Runaway (Ian Carey Remix)

* Calvin Harris – Feel So Close

* David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida –Where Them Girls At (Afrojack Remix)

* Lady Gaga – The Edge Of Glory (Sultan & Ned Sheppard Remix)

* MC Mario & Datdude – Spotlight (8 BarZ 2.0 Mix)

* Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit)


The contest closes March 20. Good luck!


Track Review: Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston – “Love Is Not Enough”

February 16th, 2012

Posted by Gosia Mrugala

The forthcoming single from Above & Beyond‘s studio album Group Therapy, this vocal trance track is the perfect, entrancing nepenthe. Group Therapy itself is a heart-stirring album perfectly summed up by its title. Listening to this LP, pegged by Mixmag as the artist album of 2011, is pretty much guaranteed to alleviate any form of negative emotion.

The newly released music video for “Love Is Not Enough” plays in reverse, taking the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster as it tells a story of deep love that was just not meant to be. The video, directed by Vicky Simmons and starring Emily Beecham and Liam Boyle, fits the track’s sad love story perfectly. Together, the track and the video play enticingly on the emotions.

We’re fortunate to be able to stay up to date with new tracks and new artists from Above & Beyond’s influential Anjunabeats label by tuning into their weekly show Trance Around The World. As they have proven yet again, their sound is sempiternal, and we can count ourselves lucky to have such an incredible trio on the EDM scene.


Gosia Mrugala is a Toronto-based blogger and reviewer. You can read her blog HERE, and follow her on Twitter HERE.

Physical Cosmology

February 2nd, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats

Longevity and music don’t always go together. The industry is littered with careers that lasted for a cup of coffee. One low-fat soy latte later, and these artists aren’t much more than ghosts on your iPod. Up they pop when you’ve got it on shuffle, and you’re left to ponder: “Oh yeah. Whatever happened to these guys?”

Cosmic Gate are not that type of group. With seven albums to their name over a span of 10 years, I think it is safe to say these guys are here to stay. Their hypnotic synth sound established itself as the unofficial soundtrack to the Guvernment’s dancefloors back in the early years of the last decade.

It all started with “The Drums” in 1999. Back then, on the eve of the millennium, EDM wasn’t anywhere near as big as it is now — at least, not in North America. But this song managed to cross the Atlantic and spread light on us. It’s always fun to go back and listen to a group’s first hit just to see how far they’ve come. But honestly, “The Drums” is so big and so perfectly “cosmic” that it feels as though it could have been released yesterday. They may have a little more melody and some softer sounds in their music today, but tracks like this are still what gets the crowd wet at Cosmic Gate shows. Of course, remixes by Markus Schulz and Robbie Rivera will help get your name out there.

Longevity in the music game doesn’t come without effort.  It takes years of late night studio sessions — and generally a couple of days without showers as you try to figure out the right combination of LFO envelopes and cutoff filters to make that song a thing of true beauty.  If you look at Nic and Bossi’s remix resumé, you’ll see that these two never take a day off. A rundown of their best remixes:

Blank & Jones – DJs, Fans & Freaks (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2001

Vanessa-Mae – White Bird (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2001

Green Court – Inside Your Gates (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2001

Tiësto – Urban Train (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2001

George Acosta – World In My Eyes (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2001

Ferry Corsten – Punk (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2002

Sioux – Pho (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2002

Svenson & Gielen – Answer the Question (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2002

Age of Love – The Age of Love (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2004

Beam – Amun (Cosmic Gate Mix) 2004

C.Y.B – Now (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2005

64 Bit – Virtual Discotech 1.0 (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2005

Armin van Buuren vs. Rank 1 – This World Is Watching Me (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2007

Kirsty Hawkshaw Meets Tenishia – Outsiders (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2007

Tiësto feat. JES – Everything (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2007

Cosmic Gate – Body Conflict (Cosmic Gate Club Mix) 2007

Vincent De Moor – Fly Away (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2007

Messler – Prepare (Cosmic Gate B2B3 Edit) 2007

Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire (Cosmic Gate B2B3 Reconstruction) 2007

Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2008

OceanLab – Sirens of the Sea (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2008

Deadmau5 – Clockwork (Cosmic Gate Remix) 2008

Deadmau5 – Clockwork (Cosmic Gate Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Now fast-forward to the present and the release of their album Wake Your Mind. This is soundtracky, heavenly, emotional and all-around good music. With the tools available to all our favourite artists now (Native Instruments’ plugins, Nexus, almost anything made by AiR), you can really tell who’s a pro and who’s a joe. Anybody can make a song now — but it’s the pros who know how to make a song that’s out of this world. And Cosmic Gate are the living proof.

Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt – Calm Down: LISTEN TO IT HERE

I don’t know if they’ll have time to bust out all of their originals and remixes when they hit The Guvernment this Saturday — but I am sure the ones they get to will be the cream of the cream of the crop. If you’re in town, I definitely recommend you catch this show. More than a state of trance, sure to make you dance! CLICK HERE FOR INFO & TIX.

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Steve Aoki – Wonderland Review

January 31st, 2012


Posted by Scott Willats

Mr. Steve Aoki (a.k.a.) Kid Millionaire is one of the pioneers of what has become the EDM boom. The founder of Dim Mak Records has circled the world, headlining at all of the biggest events with his distinctive brand of party music. Previously known more for his stage presence, Aoki has developed into one of the better producers in EDM over the past 4 years. I was eager to find out what sounds he’s been playing with lately and how it’s all panned out. So here’s my take on his brand new album, Wonderland.

Earthquakey People feat. Rivers Cuomo

For all intents and purposes, the title tack of the album. This is the Aoki you expect: heavy, distorted bass that invades your speakers with a classic buildup. Rivers Cuomo is a bit of a weird choice for this beat, though. Don’t get me wrong: I have every Weezer album. But his voice doesn’t translate as well on an electro track made for the big room as it does on a rock anthem played for stadiums. I like the lyrics; though meant for partying and partying only, they flow well. Still …I can’t put my finger on it, but something is missing. At least, it is until you check out the Dillon Francis remix. Huge!

Ladi Dadi feat. Wynter Gordon

There’s no scientific basis for this, but it’s a theory I believe in: track number two on a CD is always the artist’s favourite song. Can’t tell you why — just that on album after album, track two is the keeper. Aoki bears this out with “Ladi Dadi” — the song bangs. A radio-friendly track that lays down the perfect background for vocals from the much-in-demand Wynter Gordon. And the video is wicked!

Dangerous feat. Zuper Blahq

Some artists just have great chemistry — and that’s the case with Aoki and The Black Eyed Peas front man Performing as his alter ego, Zuper Blahq, will delivers the the robotic lyrics that make this tune … dangerous. The track is a banger that keeps up a steady pace until the 2:30 mark — at which point it just goes h.a.m!

Come With Me (Deadmeat) feat. Polina Goudieva

For those who love airy-sounding big-room tunes, this one’s for you. Polina’s vocals leap straight off a track that could easily be mistaken for Benny Benassi or Afrojack, and immediately hook you in. For myself, I love the parts focused on the pads rather than those focused on the beats. Either way, you have to agree it’s Polina’s presence that makes this track special.

Steve Aoki feat. Polina – Come With Me: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Emergency feat. Lil Jon & Chiddy Bang

This is why you have to love Aoki. An album this diverse was always going to have some predictable elements and some wildly unpredictable ones. But on the same song? Anybody who knows anything about Aoki could have guessed that Lil Jon would turn up on this album — but Chiddy Bang? Not so much. For those who haven’t already heard of Chiddy Bang, it’s time to get familiar. The Philly duo consists of Chiddy, the world record holder for longest rap (nine hours!) and Xaphoon Jones, one of the most creative and innovative producers in the game. They bless this tune with some heavy content. Aoki saves one of his better beats for the duo, and Chiddy goes innnnnnn on the beat and eats the track alive. Add some of Lil Jon’s trademark screaming, and you’ve got a hit. I think you’ll be surprised how much you like this track. My personal favourite.

Emergency feat. Lil Jon & Chiddy Bang: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Living My Love feat. LMFAO & Nervo

It’s an LMFAO world that we’re living in. Right now they’ve got the Midas touch, and you can hear it on this track. Nervo deserves mention because it’s as much her track as theirs — but there’s just something about Redfoo and Skyblu. When you hear their voices on a tune, it immediately feels like something you’ve always known. And I think that’s a good thing. Expect this to be the next single off the album.

Control Peak feat. BlaqStarr & Kay

Bring the vibes, bring the soul. The acoustic bass is the first thing you’ll notice, lending a welcome organic feel to this soulful track. The showstopper here is Kay; when that second verse starts it doesn’t matter where you are — your head’s gonna start bobbing and your hips are gonna to wiggle a little. This tune will probably be overlooked by most EDM junkies, but it might just be the most insightful track on the album.

Steve Jobs feat Angger Dimas

Hard, heavy and hectic. Nuff said!

Heartbreaker feat. LoveFoxx

A track made for long bus rides. This has an immediate, soundtrack-y feel and plays the part just right. LoveFoxx is the perfect choice to quarterback — her airy vocals are just what’s needed to make this song worthy of the most overused word in the English language: epic. I can see this one being huge in Europe.

Cudi the Kid feat. Kid Cudi & Travis Barker

Kid Cudi must count his lucky stars at night. Not to say he doesn’t deserve all the fame and recognition, but I’ve rarely seen an artist win such open acceptance across multiple genres. He’s an EDM hero, a rap phenomenon, an acclaimed actor and a rock star. One this track he’s accompanied by another musician who has received a similarly open-armed reception: Travis Barker. The song? Good, but not great.

Ooh feat. Robert Raimon Roy

I love this track. Funky, fly and fresh. Triple R delivers some heavy vocals, and Aoki outdoes himself on the beat, nailing it right on the head. This beat is so ill – that’s the only description that does it justice.

“I’m about it allllllll….”

Steve Aoki feat. Rob Roy – Ooh (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

The Kids Will Have Their Say feat. Sick Boy

Hmmm. If you read this blog you know I hate when artists stick rigidly to just one genre. The best part of music is experimentation. That said, sometimes you can go a little too far. For those who are strictly EDM fans (dubstep, house, progressive, minimal, trance etc.), I’m afraid you won’t like this one. Steve goes apes**t on a heavy metal ballad. You be the judge.

Earthquakey People (The Sequel)

To my mind, this version is light years better than the original, and I think he must’ve known that. Sometimes an artist will have five different versions of the same song, and end up just gambling on which one will resonate with the crowd. Sometimes I wish they’d just release all five and let the fans decide. Kudos to you, Steve, for experimenting with that idea!


For someone like me who loved with the classic hip-hop mixtape format — where you basically put your name on the disc and release other people’s tunes — I must say I really enjoy the style of Wonderland. It showcases some amazing beats inspired and created by Aoki. But what I love best is that every song feels like an experiment. Some work well, and others not so much — but every track is going for something different, and for that I give the creator my utmost respect. This album is proof that Aoki has come a long way.

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A Club with Extra Poupon

January 11th, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats


Fresh from the success of the Searching EP and tours in France and Scotland, Toronto’s Poupon is back. This time around he’s the special guest, lending a helping hand in the studio for two of Montreal’s finest. Prince Club and Poupon have formed up like Voltron to drop the highly anticipated and precisely timed Platinum EP on Snatch! Records.

Who are Prince Club? Simple: imagine if P.K. Subban and Carey Price took all that talent of theirs behind the Pioneers. There’s a simplicity and beauty to each and every one of their tracks. Zack & Max (who used to be the MadKids for those of you who remember) are two young DJ/producers who get what people want to hear. They’re not going to dress it up for you and turn their sound into something it’s not. They seem to have a  clear vision for each track — one that comes out exactly as planned when it’s relayed via the Bose speakers to your ears. Good house producers: that’s who Prince Club are.

Their Love Strong EP was an industry favourite. For those of you who are unaware of the duo but familiar with Poupon and like his style, I can say with utmost confidence that you are going to love Prince Club. To get yourself acclimatized to their sound, check out this absolute phenom of a track:

Prince Club – Love Strong: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Onward to the Platinum  EP!

The first tune that deserves special attention is the titled track. A song well worth its namesake, “Platinum” gets you involved quickly. You immediately feel as though you are walking down a hall into the main floor, where hundreds of ravers are in their element, Raybans on and denim fresh. The beat is sort of a a quick roller coaster: up and down really quick, but muffled, giving it the feeling that it’s inside you. That would be enough on its own, but with Poupon’s help, the duo add a Biggie sample and chop it to perfection. Describing tunez to this extent isn’t something I care to do often — but I wanted you to realize just how B.I.G. this song could be. Peep it!

Prince Club & Poupon – Platinum (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

The rest of the EP I’ll let you describe for yourself. But the one thing I noticed is just how polished it sounds. Every clap sounds crisp, every kick hits — and that just raises the level of the whole project.

In a world where you can find any track online for free, this is one of those releases worth paying for — not just to support Canadian talent, but also because it’s not worth waiting a week or more for a free copy to turn up somewhere.

If the Platinum inspires you the way it did me, you’ll want to be at Wrongbar in Toronto this Saturday for the release party — and a chance to hear these tracks the way they’re meant to be heard. I’ll see you there.

Prince Club & Poupon – La Nuit: LISTEN TO IT HERE 

Prince Club – Everybody (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

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North America’s Resident DJ

December 6th, 2011

Posted by Scott Willats

Last week I received Fire & Ice, the brand new double disc from bpm:tv favourite Kaskade. I know I did a quick little post when the CD was leaked, but I thought we owed it to Kaskade to give him a thorough review — after all, when he released Dynasty we were guests of honour at his party in Miami. So I took the CD, uploaded it to my PC, and sat down to give the entire double disc a listen in one sitting. Now, for someone who has severe ADD like I do, it’s hard sometimes to just listen to a full track before wanted to change it to hear another that would be good to mix it with. And to be honest, my immediate thought was: Kaskade is known for a great progressive sound, but sometimes his tracks can linger a little too long. How can I sit through it all? But it was a lot easier than expected — and now I look forward to sharing it with you.

Here’s a simple breakdown of what this album is all about: you get Kaskade’s beats, but you also get a s**t-load of features and collabs. These latter tracks all seem to reflect a strong chemistry with the featured artists, furtheringthe impression that said artists have done some tinkering of their own with the songs. Most of the time this is for the best, so it’s nothing to worry about.

The kicker is the second disc — the Ice version — which features Kaskade’s own remixes of all 10 tracks from the first disc. So if you’re listening to disc one (Fire) and you’re worried that the album isn’t sounding much like Kaskade … relax: there’s a whole other CD devoted to his distinctive touch.

Overall, this album finds Kaskade at his peak. He seems perfectly comfortable with where he is right now as an artist. Known worldwide and finally establishing a sound that he can call his own, Kaskade was clearly in top form during making of this album — and if you like what he’s done before, I have a strong feeling you’re going to like this.


Eyes – ft Mindy Gledhill: This track is that perfect opener — and with all the remixes we’re hearing now, it’s obvious that EDM fans have really embraced the song. It grows into something you knew it was always going to be. This intro lets you know what the album is going to be like, and it lives up to the hype. Mindy’s vocals on it are absolutely priceless as well. A perfect start.

Turn It Down w/Rebecca & Fiona: The perfect template of how you make a hit. The minute this song was released, I knew it was going to be the flagship track. This is the relaxed version to say the least — but it still has a great energy. “I hold my breath when I hear lies.” The lyrics give you more of an idea of what you’re going to hear throughout the album.

Lessons in Love ft. Neon Trees: Tyler Glenn is becoming a great musician, and his vocals on this track reinforce that fact. This is one of those “stand up for your rights” songs in terms of the heavy beat and dramatic chords to go along with Tyler’s emotion in the lyrics. It may be a little too poppy and predictable — but that’s why disc two is there, right?

Lick it w/Skrillex: Well, well, well … look who made the cut. Skrillex has had the most amazing year of any artist I’ve ever seen. If Deadmau5 became famous overnight, Skrillex has become famous during breakfast. The combination of the two artists really works well here — and not in the way you’re probably thinking. Sure, it has a dubstep feel and the wobbles to match, but it really sounds like Kaskade gave Skrillex a perfect template to play with and Skrillex chose to respect the track and keep simple. And with Kaskade, simple works!

Love – ft. Haley: Bam! These two are like Bonnie and Clyde together. The track starts off with a deep cutoff filter decreasing quickly, with dramatic chords bumping in the background until you hear Haley’s voice arise. To be honest, I don’t think she actually has such a great voice. But when it’s on a Kaskade track it just sounds a lot better … no, wait: a ton better. The chords and tempo seem to fit her breathy sound. And one thing she has on this song is incredible emotion. It’s a track that could be alllllllll over dancefloors in the next eight months. Expect to hear it sooooon! “Hey hey you you, one more time will get us through, turn the clock so we don’t see …” Beauty!

Let Me Go – ft. Marcus Bentley: This is my type of track.  Imagine a long train ride, just staring out the window lost in thought.  This is your background music.  Maybe this sounds a little “can I borrow a feeling” to you — but that’s the type of vibe this track is made for.  A thinker song.  Not that the lyrics necessarily have anything to do with that; Marcus Bentley paints a sick story that is better to be interpreted by the individual listener. The sounds aren’t too heavy, but they aren’t exactly calm either.  A ton of build-ups in this song, with one killer payoff around 3:30.

Waste Love w/Quadron: Diversity is the beauty of our world.  Quadron has a very indie poet vibe, and she wouldn’t fit into a typical progressive house track … or would she?  Well, she did — and with bliss. Kaskade’s production brilliance is in full evidence on this one. He has created a somewhat jazzy house track that can still be bumped at your favourite club without slowing down the down too much.

Ice w/Dada Life and Dan Black: Simply put, my fav track on the album.  It has everything you could love. Dan Black is a genius that we here at bpm:tv have been talking about forever, it seems. Dada Life is one of the biggest names in EDM today, and Kaskade seems the perfect mediator to bring them together in creating an anthem. I talked it up when I first heard the leak, and I stick to my story.  This is your track!

How Long w/Inpetto & Late Night Alumni: The vocals on this track are second to none.  Dark, warm and sexy.  However, in my opinion it’s a little too “penthouse-suite-early-40s-Disaronno-on-the-rocks-drinking sounds.” Just my opinion.  I’m not quite ready to embrace this type of track; however, for many of you mature, grown and sexy folks, this song might get you pregnant!

Room for Happiness – ft. Skylar Grey: Wow, this music.  The combination of Skylar and Kaskade gives it a very soundtracky sound — but with such emotion. I’m not much for interpretive dance, but this song screams for it. And to give the songs its full merit, I would gladly sit through the whole performance and give it my undivided attention.  One thing that needs to be said about this album, by the way, is that the lyrics on most songs are incredible.  That’s rare to find in an EDM album. “Don’t be fooled by your emptiness.”

This album, in my opinion, is one of the best EDM releases of the past 10 years, showcasing the insane diversity that our artists have achieved.  Sure, he could have dropped another strictly progressive house CD and it would have sold just as much and been just as popular — but Kaskade did something I admire in my favourite producers: he challenged himself to be a great musician, and did so to great success. The man is already one of the biggest names in our genre, and still he wants to be better. That’s inspiring to producers, DJs and fans alike.  He didn’t need to throw in the Ice disc, but he wanted to.  He wanted to play around with more of his ideas, and give us more material to work with in the bargain. For that, I thank him!

It’s the refusal to accept complacency that defines extraordinary people in any field, and Kaskade is the perfect example.  Verdict:  Buy the album!

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New Contest: Win A Copy of MC MARIO – CLUBLAND!

November 8th, 2011

The indefatigable MC Mario has returned with CLUBLAND, a brand new compilation from Universal Music Canada. With monster hits from the likes of Swedish House Mafia, LMFAO, Lady Gaga, Benny Benassi, Jennifer Lopez, Mia Martina, Tiesto and DEV, CLUBLAND is an exclusive pass to the year’s hottest dance party.

bpm:tv has copies to give away: visit our contest page on Facebook to find out how to win. Good luck!

Check out the track listing:




July 13th, 2011

Canada’s premier DJ, the indefatigable MC Mario, returns with a scorching new summer mix compilation, featuring hot ’n’ heavy club hits from Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Taio Cruz, Tiësto, Alexandra Stan, Inna, and many more.

To find out how to win your copy of MC MARIO SUMMER ANTHEMS 2011, visit bpm:tv on Facebook. Contest closes Monday July 25.

Visit MC Mario’s Web site and Facebook page.

Click here to buy MC MARIO SUMMER ANTHEMS 2011

Track Listing:

Inna, Sun Is Up – Play & Win Extended Mix

Alexandra Stan, Mr. Saxobeat – Extended Version

Merlin Miles & MC Mario feat. Les Boys, It’s Forever (Sax Bomb) – Hugo Boss and Steve Watt Extended Radio Remix

Jennifer Lopez, On The Floor- Club Edit

Robert Abigail vs DJ Rebel feat. The Gibson Brothers, Cuba

Lucenzo feat. Big Ali, Vem Dancar Kuduro – Club Edit

Marco Calliari, Bella Ciao – Montreal House Mafia Novella Remix

Lady Gaga, Born This Way – Manhattan Clique Remix Radio Edit

Mischa Daniels feat. J-Son, Where You Wanna Go – Original Radio Edit

Taio Cruz feat. Kylie Minogue, Higher – Wideboys Radio Edit

Simon Cattaneo & Alex Gardini feat. Regina, We Will Rock You – Original Mix

Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki & Lil Jon, Turbulence

Dev feat. The Cataracs, Bass Down Low – Static Revenger Remix

MC Mario feat. Rosette, I’m Ready – 8 Barz Remix

MC Mario & Datdude feat. Danyka, Come 2 Me 2011 – Flashmixerz Remix

Karl Wolf feat. Kardinal Offishall, Ghetto Love – Greg Stainer UGP Extended Remix

Tiesto & Marcel Woods, Don’t Ditch – Original Mix


bpm:tv’s Guide to the Best New Music – July

July 5th, 2011

If it’s not here, then it doesn’t matter. bpm:tv presents its ridiculously comprehensive, link-tastic roundup of July’s most important new dance and electronic music releases.

Clams Casino, Rainforest
Pegged by Rolling Stone as an “Artist to Watch,” New Jersey beatmaker Clams Casino (a.k.a. 24-year-old Mike Volpe) releases a debut EP showcasing his moody, heart-tugging blend of hip-hop rhythms and distorted, emotive vocal samples. (Week of July 4)

Dave.i.d, Response
Secretive south London artist Dave.i.d issues his debut album, an unclassifiable gene-splicing of rock and electronic, on the !K7 label. If you’re only going to buy one album this year that was recorded “inside a 10-foot-by-10-foot wooden cube,” then make it this one. (Week of July 4)

Cocoon Heroes Mixed By Adam Beyer & Dorian Paic
Techno power players Adam Beyer and Dorian Paic team up on this two-disc mix celebrating the Cocoon summer series at Ibiza’s famed Amnesia club. (Week of July 4)

Eleven Years Cocoon Recordings – Selected Remix Works
Frankfurt techno imprint Cocoon Recordings issues its first full-length remix collection, featuring tracks by Dinky, Joel Mull, Guy Gerber and Extrawelt. (Week of July 4)

Emptyset, Demiurge
Merging UK bass and avant-techno, Bristol-based duo Emptyset (a.k.a. Paul Purgas and James Ginzburg) serve up their second long-player on the Subtext label. (Week of July 4)

Five Years of Cargo Edition
Leipzig minimal house label Cargo Edition celebrates its wood anniversary with a double-disc compilation featuring the likes of Ekkohuas, Markus Schatz, label founder Matthias Tanzmann and Minimono. (Week of July 4)

Horse Meat Disco 3
Fresh from their appearance at Glastonbury, London DJ foursome Horse Meat Disco deliver up their third mix compilation, a two-disc set of “sweaty, no-nonsense disco” that brings together favourites old (Claudja Barry, Sylvester, Salsoul Orchestra) and new (Todd Terje, Dimitri From Paris) for the all-night party of your Studio 54 fantasies.” (Week of July 4)

Motor City Drum Ensemble, DJ KiCKS
Stuttgart-based house music maestro Motor City Drum Ensemble (a.k.a. Danilo Plessow) incorporates everything from Sun Ra to Aphex Twin in this latest edition of !K7‘s DJ KiCKS mix series. (Week of July 4)

Rival Consoles, Kid Velo
A purveyor of what his label, Erased Tapes, is pleased to call “cinematic dance music for the more discerning dance floors” (can a floor discern?), Leicester’s Rival Consoles (a.k.a. Ryan Lee West) continues to brew his uncategorizable blend of “hard-hitting beats and catchy acid melodies” on this sophomore release. (Week of July 4)

SebastiAn, Total
Already acclaimed for his remixes on behalf of Daft Punk, Uffie, Cut Copy and Klaxons, French electro artist SebastiAn drops his debut long-player on Ed Banger Records, with contributions from the likes of M.I.A., Gaspard Augé from Justice, and others. (Week of July 4)

Samiyam, Sam Baker’s Album
L.A. glitch-hopper and Flying Lotus collaborator Samiyam (a.k.a. the eponymous Sam Baker) follows up his 2008 debut, Rap Beats Vol. 1, with this new release on the Brainfeeder label. (Week of July 4)

Kate Simko, Lights Out
Midwestern minimal house and techno producer Kate Simko draws heavily on the classic Chicago sound in this eagerly anticipated debut long-player. (Week of July 4)

The Sorry Entertainers, Local Jet Set
Berlin duo The Sorry Entertainers (a.k.a. DJ Lotti and Raz Ohara) find a happy meeting place between club music and pop on their debut long-player for Apparat‘s label Shitkatapult. (Week of July 4)

Tiger & Woods, Through The Green
Enigmatic DJ and production duo Tiger & Woods, whose self-released white label 12-inches have caused quite a stir in the last year, offer up their first official release, showcasing the team’s trademark slo-mo disco edits. (Week of July 4)

A Taste of Kandi Summer 2011
It wouldn’t be summer without a mix compilation from the relentless UK house label and “lifestyle brand” Hed Kandi. This hot-weather collection features contributions from Robbie Rivera, Mancini, Jonni Black, Kitten & The Hip, Patrick Hagenaar and others. (Week of July 11)

Cascada, Original Me
Evacuate the dance floor — here come chart-topping German electro-poppers Cascada with a brand new studio effort that includes their latest hit, the not-at-all-influenced-by-Katy-Perry “San Francisco.” (Week of July 11)

Erasure, Circus & Wonderland
Influential Eighties synth-pop stars and LGBT icons Erasure (Vince Clarke and Andy Bell) celebrate their heyday with deluxe editions of these two classic albums. Incidentally, Erasure’s triumphant “Tomorrow’s World” tour will be landing at Toronto’s Sound Academy on September 11 of this year. (Week of July 11)

Get Darker Presents This Is Dubstep 2011
Deftly splitting the difference between “popular” and “credible,” this 40-track collection is a dubstep state-of-the-union, with tracks from Chase & Status, Coki, Flux Pavilion, Above & Beyond, Breakage, Skream and many more. (Week of July 11)

Juno Reactor, Inside the Reactor
Juno Reactor
, an ever-shifting British ensemble that performs “a cinematic fusion of electronic, orchestral and global music” under the leadership of Ben Watkins, has assembled a collection of remixes featuring efforts by MIDIval PunditZ, Ace Ventura, Thomas P Heckmann and Bombay Dub Orchestra. (Week of July 11)

Thunderball, 12 Mile High Remixed
Acclaimed for their ability to shift seamlessly from breakbeat to drum’n'bass to dub and downtempo, veteran Washington, D.C. trio and self-proclaimed “Ambassadors of Style” Thunderball (Rob Myers, Steve Raskin and Sid Barcelona) remix their 2010 album 12 Mile High in this new release. (Week of July 11)

Trance Essentials 2011
The first volume of Armada Music‘s new Trance Essentials series is a virtual who’s who of the genre, featuring tracks from A-listers like Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Hardwell and Paul Oakenfold. (Week of July 11)

Zomby, Dedication
Having laid low since his debut long-player Where Were U In ‘92? caused a stir in 2008, elusive Brit dubstepper Zomby returns with his long-awaited follow-up on 4AD. (Week of July 11)

The Chaenge, Rebellion
Veteran techno DJ Mijk van Dijk and singer/producer Florian Schirmacher team up as The Chaenge to explore their shared love of Eighties funk and new wave. The debut release from the German duo includes a cover of “Dance Electric,” a 1985 André Cymone single written by Prince. (Week of July 18)

Chus + Ceballos, Back on Tracks Vol. 2
The latest mix compilation from renowned Spanish DJ duo Chus + Ceballos is a cool summer cocktail showcasing the blend of electronic and tribal elements that defines distinctive Iberian sound. (Week of July 18)

Markus Schulz Presents Dakota – Thoughts Become Things II
German trance superstar Markus Schulz issues his second album under the name Dakota, a studio alter ego that allows him to explore different sounds and styles. Advance word says listeners can expect to hear hints of everything from industrial to Donna Summer. (Week of July 18)

Pierre LX, Out 1
Born in Paris, raised in Brazil (where he learned to play keyboard) and now based in London, Pierre LX draws on classic electro, dubstep and techno for his debut long-player. All of the album’s tracks were recorded as continuous live takes in the young DJ’s home studio. (Week of July 18)

Running Trax 3
Lace up your trainers and hit the trail: Ministry of Sound has assembled a three-disc compilation designed to serve as the perfect warmup-to-cooldown soundtrack to your daily jog or workout, with cardio-stimulating contributions from the likes of Calvin Harris, Wynter Gordon, Armand Van Helden, Martin Solveig, Afrojack, Aviici and Eric Prydz. (Week of July 18)

Allure, Kiss From the Past
Dutch A-lister Tiësto resurrects his Allure alias and returns to his roots with a trance-centric new release that boasts contributions from JES, Emma Hewitt, Christian Burns, Jeza & Kate Miles, Henrik B and Showtek, among others. (Week of July 25)

Basement Jaxx vs Metropole Orkest
If you’ve ever wondered how Basement Jaxx tunes would sound in orchestral arrangements — and haven’t we all? — then it’s your lucky day. On this new release, the UK house duo teams up with Holland’s Metropole Orkest, a 60-piece orchestra and 20-voice choir, to reinterpret such chart-toppers as “Red Alert,” “Hey U,” “Bingo Bango” and “Where’s Your Head At.” (Week of July 25)

Goldie, Fabriclive 58
Feeling nostalgic for the long-gone glory days of drum’n'bass? Here’s your prescription: groundbreaking Nineties junglist and Metalheadz mastermind Goldie helms the latest installment in Fabric London‘s series of essential live mixes. (Week of July 25)

Little Dragon, Ritual Union
The third studio album from electro-pop band Little Dragon finds the Swedish four-piece (fronted by singer Yukimi Nagano) toying with vintage synthesizers and old-school analogue drum machines. (Week of July 25)

No Surrender, Medicine Babies
Nearly eight years after their debut album dropped, Brooklyn electro/hip-hop outfit No Surrender return with their long-postponed follow-up, an ambitious, stylistically diverse effort that touches all the musical bases, from synth-pop to soul. TV On The Radio‘s Tunde Adebimpe, Tricky collaborator Costanza Francavilla and production team Radioclit offer their contributions. (Week of July 25)

Paul Oakenfold, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s Paul Oakenfold
On this new double-CD set, British superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold assembles a mix that recalls his Nineties excursions in Goa Trance, featuring tracks from Richard Durand, Liquid Soul, Duotekk and many more. (Week of July 25)