Digital Dreams News: Fake Blood!

March 15th, 2013

Posted by Gosia Mrugala

Bloody good show! The latest addition to the banging lineup for the 2013 DIGITAL DREAMS Music Festival is UK electro/house maestro FAKE BLOOD!

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Sweets of the Week – August Long Weekend Edition

August 4th, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats


And here we go. Y’all getting sick of me talking about festivals? Well sorry, but tuff f***ing luck. Because this weekend Toronto the place in the world to be for EDM. Or any kind of music, actually.

Sure, Montreal has Osheaga happening, which promises to be nuts in its own right But Toronto is bringing the heavy, what with VELD and HARD both going down this weekend.

What’s HARD, you ask? Just a little gathering featuring the likes of M83, Buraka Som Sistema, Austra … oh, and Justice. Sorry, let me rephrase that: JUSTICE!!!! The French icons make their looooooooooooooong-awaited return to Canada in style. Fort York is a special place to be this weekend.

And then there’s VELD, the brainchild of Canada’s own EMD titan, Deadmau5. Check out this lineup: Avicii, Kill the Noise, Mord Fustang, Bassnectar, Cosmic Gate and soooooo many others are busy tearing Toronto’s Downsview Park a new one. Rain is in the forecast for Sunday, but it’s gonna get real messy long before that. Canada, this is our weekend!

And with that, it’s on to …. THE SWEETS!

This will get your weekend going just right. A free download that hits the spot.

Of Monsters & Men – Little Talks (The Knocks Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

In anticipation of Saturday’s main event: 5omething brand new from the Mau5.

Deadmau5 – There Might Be Coffee: LISTEN TO IT HERE

The second installment of Fools Gold‘s Clubhouse compilation series is just as heavy as the first. No point trying to pick a favourite: here’s the whole thing, amigos. Did I mention it’s FREE?!?

Fool’s Gold – Clubhouse Vol. 2: LISTEN TO IT HERE

I got news for you: this isn’t house.

Dream – This Isn’t House EP: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Big room time!

Zedd feat. Matthew Koma – Spectrum (3LAU Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Eddie Thoneick & Norman Doray – Celsius (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

How can you not love Montreal’s Adventure Club? OK, maybe the sound is becoming just a tad predictable. But that in no way means it’s played out. And the fact that it’s free is an added attraction.

Adventure Club – Retro City: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Brand new Sound Remedy!

Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (Sound Remedy Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE 

So glad the full version of this is finally out. This is special.


Already a huge fan of Dan Black, but this is trippy. I love it.

Nobody’s quite doing it like Calvin Harris right now. Anybody else thinking it’s time for him to do an album with Example?

August 10th. The Hoxton. You will find me there.

Justice flashback!

… and that’s it, kiddos. Be safe this weekend (but not too safe) and make sure you rep bpm:tv a llllllll weekend long!

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Frontlines in the Blood Army

April 3rd, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats

It’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Fake Blood and his Blood Music label. I’ve never seen another group of artists who share a similar sound yet manage to be vastly different. Does that even make sense? Is this even possible? What do I mean?

To be honest, I don’t quite know how to describe it — which, of course, is exactly what you want to hear from an EDM addict who wakes up every day hoping to introduce someone to their new favourite track. All I do know is that whenever there’s a new release from the label — no matter which artist is responsible — it will have the distinctive atmosphere that says: “Blood Music.” That dark, uptempo, 16-bar electro sound I have come to love.

This newest release is more of the same, and exactly what the doctor ordered. Following hard on two new tracks from Donovans comes another soldier in the Blood Army, dangerDAN, with The Count: a three-track EP that includes a Boy 8-Bit remix of the title track.

dangerDAN’s bio isn’t exactly common knowledge, but I can tell you that the man has some gems in his library: “Tokyo Night Drive” stands out in my mind, but take a gander at his YouTube channel for yourself. You’ll get a real sense of what makes his sound unique.

The new EP really strikes a balance between his sound and the characteristic Blood Music feel. “The Count” supplies some heavy kicks at the beginning to get your pulse racing before a melody fit for a haunted house starts to kick in at what feels like 128 bpm. Heavy.

dangerDAN – The Count (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

The remix is a different take on the same melody, with Boy 8-Bit adding a little of his own very welcome flavour.

dangerDAN – The Count (Boy 8-Bit AD 1972 Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

And then there’s “Like Butter,” which is probably the illest name for a track this year. It’s the perfect description: because if your ears are bread, this track is like butta, baby. If I’d heard this without any prior knowledge of the artist, I might have pegged it as a Fake Blood track — and that’s high praise. In terms of production skill, dangerDAN could well rival Blood Music’s founder himself.

dangerDAN – Like Butter: LISTEN TO IT HERE

A release like this definitely makes me hunger for a multi-artist Blood Music showcase like the one they staged not long ago at Fabric in London.  A Fake Blood show is good enough on its own — add Bowski, Ado, Kris Menace, LeBreton, Boy 8-Bit, Donovans, Ego Troopers and now dangerDAN, and you might bleed for days.

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Sweets of the Week – March 9

March 9th, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats


Where do I start? This week we saw an absolute amazing mix from Tits & Clits, brand new videos from T.E.E.D and Flux Pavilion, and a brand new track from my favourite producer, Fake Blood. It’s going to be hard to squeeze them all into one sitting, but I really do recommend that you cop each and every one, because this week’s sounds are going to be echoing through summer. Gotta love the beginning of March: everyone’s getting right and ready for the big festival at the end of the month. So for your listening pleasure: a heavy supply of bass, strings, and lots and lots of funk. Strap in and sit up, ’cause we’re about to pummel your brain into a coma.


First out the gate: whenever Fake Blood chooses a track to remix, you know it’s going to be something special. The fact that he chose a rap song makes it even more special for someone like me who grew up listening to hip-hop. His take on Sway‘s “Level Up” is exactly what we’ve come to expect from him: happy/dark/happy/grimy = amazing. Cop it.

Sway – Level Up (Fake Blood Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

This is a big track right here. My first chance to hear Butch Clancy was his awesome remix of a Beatles classic — and he’s outdone even that here. A top-notch effort on this remix of Amy Kuney‘s “Sway.” No words can describe. Get it going!

Amy Kuney – Sway (Butch Clancy Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

A beautiful remix by a  Toronto duo who are on tour with Guinevere as we speak. Keep your ears tuned for more from No Big Deal.

Guinevere – Crazy Crazy (No Big Deal Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Ryan Enzed is a producer I’ve been keeping my eye on for the past year. Be sure to check his YouTube channel, where he offers great tips and pointers for all types of producers. His remix of the new Deadmau5 cut is so funky and so catchy that it could well be the breakthrough he deserves. Plus it’s free!

Toronto’s Crystal Castles have become a household name in the worlds of indie and EDM — not just hipster darlings but artists who earn the respect of their peers. With this remix you get a complete different take on their sound: Darker, deeper and just plain villainous — but the passion still comes through. The original, of course, is breathtaking. Enjoy both.

Crystal Castles – Suffocation (HEALTH Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Sticking with the dark tip, I got a hot new joint from Hey Today! This time out, he remixes Black Strobe‘s “Italian Fireflies,” turning it into a call to arms for crooks everywhere. This is what the Joker and Riddler rock out to on their way to work.

Black Strobe – Italian FireFlies (Hey Today! Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Clockwork has been in and out of the headlines in terms of his production skills for a while. With the emergence of his new EP (set to drop on March 13) we can expect to be hearing a lot more of him very soon. This is one of those EPs that could have Miami on lockdown every time the tunes drop. Check out the Dillon Francis remix of “Hulk.” Ravey baby!

Clockwork – Squad Up EP: LISTEN TO IT HERE

A slow and beautiful chillstep track that will put your party in a nice, calm zone. Just in time to roll that black and mild, ya dig? MitiS has some killer hits, so check out his page.

MitiS – Identity: LISTEN TO IT HERE

I try to stay away from mixes. In all honesty, I want to keep the sweets short and sw … well, you get the idea. But this is just too good. Take your pen out and jot down the tracks featured in this mix, which the boys from Hungary have been gracious enough to list. There are some serious gems in here.

Tits & Clits – Pleasure Zone, Episode 01: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Got a brand new cut from ZHU, but this time the workaholic has included visuals. The Katy Perry cover hits the spot perfectly, and definitely warrants the time and effort it took to make the video. Plus Josh Milan‘s voice meshes effortlessly with ZHU’s classic production. Where does this man find the time?

Bieber?!?! WTF?!?! Your eyes aren’t fooling you. What can I say? My only bias is for good music, and this song is catchy. Hoppy and poppy, you will hear this 100 times before you die, guaranteed. Probably more.

Far East Movement – “Live My Life” feat. Justin Bieber & Redfoo (Party Rock Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Last, a brand new video from my favourite dinosaur. TEED has really come in his own since I first wrote about him in April of last year. How time flies. Enjoy this!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s sweets. Go ahead, rot ya teeth….xx


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Soldiers in the Blood Army

November 30th, 2011

Posted by Scott Willats


It’s amazing. Fake Blood has one of the most distinctive sounds in all of music — yet he has managed to find a militia of devious DJs who share his refined ear. The only fault most electro heads have ever been found with Fake Blood is the fact that he doesn’t release as much content as we want to hear. No worries: his Blood Music label has become the perfect remedy for all those desperate fans — the Roc-A-Fella to his Jay-Z. Another Blood Music soldier is set to drop a release in the coming month; we got a sneak preview of some of the tracks yesterday, and they are big: the Big le-Bowski Big.

Bowski ‘s new EP, Poppies will be released on Decemeber 18, and these songs get your attention quickly. Due to a shortage of time, I can’t break them down — and to be honest, they are too fresh for me even to try. But as you would expect, Bowski delivers. All I can tell you is that the formula is pretty much the same for all of the artists in the Blood Music stable: dark-yet-pleasant-soulful-mindf*ck-sounds at their best. Menace, Ado, Clouds, Nick Cambell, LeBreton and Bowski: this is turning into the absolute dream team. Enjoy these artists and support the label, because the only thing better than more of these releases would be a Blood Music tour.


Bowski – Balloon Brain: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Very special!

Bowski – White Russian: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Okay, screw it — they’re all special!

Bowski – Poppies: LISTEN TO IT HERE

In case you missed them: some other stellar tracks from the Blood Music crew.

Still addicted to it …


One of the best openers to a set you’ll ever hear.

Menace – Hz And Tones (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Up and down, around and around … from three minutes on, I’m drooling …

Clouds – Liquid (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE 

The Clouds remix is tight — but this is even tighter. Check ‘em both!

Nick Cambell – Brick Scrap (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Love this melody … dark and twisted blood music.

LeBreton – Ghoul: LISTEN TO IT HERE

The master. “Deep Red” and “Medieval” got more love, but this was a favourite the minute I heard it and still gets played every week. Can you blame me?

Fake Blood – Voices: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Thicker than Water……..xx


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Sweets of the Week

November 11th, 2011

Posted by Scott Willats


Friday Friday Friday! 11-11-11 is todays date, and a numeric coincidence this special needs to be an occasion. Carl Cox is playing tonight at Downsview Park, Studio 3. If you happen to be around, I would definitely advise you to take that in — Cox never disappoints. This Saturday, meanwhile, Toronto will get its first look at a man I’ve spoken highly of before: Porter Robinson. Porter the Prodigy is going to be playing at The Hoxton tomorrow, and I expect him to serenade the Big Smoke. Once again Embrace Presents is the machine making this possible, so if you’re in the Toronto area be sure to grab some tix and head down to Bathurst and King!

On to the rich stuff. I got a couple of bangers for you and your crew that should fill your craving. A brand new track from a brand new artist on Fake Blood’s cult symbol and ever addictive Blood Music label. I also have remixes by some pretty influential DJ’s and a mini-mix of epic proportions. A quick warning, however: too many sweets will leave you only craving our beats! Straight heat!


First comes from a man who is touring with Skrillex and almost stealing the show. 12th Planet released his new singles this week and they scratch that dark-dub-itch perfectly.

12th Planet – Corner Pocket (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Next up is a track that will sound very familiar if you’ve checked my mini-mix already. Kaskade takes Zedd’s “Shave It” and makes it his own. Honestly, I don’t even think this should be called a remix — so polished!

Zedd – Shave It (Kaskade Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Next up, on Fake Blood‘s Blood Music label is a young man named LeBreton. I have no idea who this guy is, but he sounds like the perfect fit for the label. His EP Glass was released on Tuesday but it’s “Ghoul” that had me wearing red all week. (Makes me wonder if this is a Fake Blood alias — and that’s a compliment.)

LeBreton – Ghoul: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Who is GRiZ?!?! This mid-Michigan kid is an absolute beast on the boards. I’ve never heard a young producer drop so many soulful tracks. I guess that’s the Motown in him. This track is a therapeutic experience.

GRiZ – Where Is The Love: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Adam Björnberg is a Swede who was born in … 1994! This is getting ridiculous. The Swedes are like the Detroit Red Wings of the EDM world: they just keep inventing new talent and staying at the top of the charts. Try this big room banger!

Bjornberg – Absolut (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Speaking of big room Swedes, is there any bigger than Avicii?

Freemasons feat. Siedah Garrett – Rain Down Love (Avicii & Julien Kern Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE


Aaaaaand … just in case you missed the post yesterday: a brand new mini-mix by your favourite host/writer/DJ/music whore!

Enjoy the weekend and blast that latest bpm:tv mini-mix as loud as you can!!!!!!! 


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Halloween Special

October 28th, 2011


Posted by Scott Willats

It’s the week when guys dress in the most hideous or hilarious outfits they can find, while every woman resembles a porn star — and I couldn’t be happier. Halloween is a weekend that many of us cherish. Whether you’re the little kid who gets a night of candy and excitement, the high school and college kids making blurry mistakes at a Halloween kegger or the adult who appreciates the fun of a good night with friends, Halloween is always a joy. So let’s make it a little more fun!

I’ve compiled a playlist of some of the best electro-house tracks to play this weekend. Whether you’re playing at a party, hosting one or just messing with the kids that walk to your door, I’m sure this will fit in nice and perfect. So strap up and keep your children close because … alll work and no play make Johnny a dulllllll boy! REDRUM!

Felix Cartal does a great job of making an eerie melody, Clockwork picks it up and adds the zombies!

Felix Cartal – Skeleton (Clockwork Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Creepy and vicious … Ado gives you a taste of Blood Music with Voids


Not the scariest melody, but dark and deranged!

Gesaffelstein – Glass: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Like I wasn’t gonna get him up here. The master of the dark melody: even for Fake Blood, this one is a little murderous. Makes you feel like the prey being hunted.

Fake Blood – Voices: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Michael Myers on dubstep? Get me out of here! From the king of horrocore, Figure!

Figure – Michael Myers is Dead (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Having gone to school in Ottawa, I know how they get on Devil’s Night out there. Ottawa’s finest lend a vintage sound to the evening.

Boy 8-Bit – Wolfen (Jokers Of The Scene Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

And a couple videos to top it all off. First up, from the French Jack Ripper, Gesaffelstein, who shows you what Tour de France you do not want to be a part of (or maybe you do).

Gesaffelstein — Viol: WATCH IT HERE

Meanwhile, Designer Drugs practically party in a graveyard. From 1:55 on I feel like I’m watching a Kubrick flick. Love it!

Designer Drugs – Drop Down: WATCH IT HERE


 Have a Happy Halloween…………xx

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A Man Named Blood

September 13th, 2011

Posted by Scott Willats

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of a certain British DJ who was in Toronto last week. Theo Keating, a.k.a. Fake Blood blessed Toronto for the third time in a calendar year with another set to remember.

Earlier in the day his Twitter spoke of his excitement to be back in Toronto: “What you guys got planned for me tonight, always a great show in this town” was the tweet that left the mouth salivating. He was back, but this time with some of his new tracks. Big tracks.

I won’t go into the details of his show, because it’s always good and the way The Hoxton is set up it made it very intimate and fresh. These new tracks, however, are something else. He has such a specific style that you can immediately tell it’s one of his songs the minute you hear the first bar. So to have a whole venue full of loyal and knowledgable fans accompanied by new sh*t, you couldn’t go wrong.

Fake Blood: “Voices” (Original Mix)
First track is off his new Black Ghost project and it’s my fave. I heard it in his set when he debuted at Rockness Festival along with “Deep Red” and “Yes and No,” but this one is in another league (Deep Red is pretty heavy too.) When the bass drops try not to say ew … go ahead, try it.


Fake Blood: “Medieval”
Second track is a little bit of an older one. It should also be coming out on this Black Ghost project, but please don’t quote me on that. I had a copy of this track before but it was a rip version and he has really tightened and polished it up. This track brings emotion out especially around the 3:30 mark….enjizzzoy!


Fake Blood: “I Think I Like It”
The last track is the classic. The video is as catchy as the tune, in fact I adore this video. Bright colours, great slow-mo shots….just dope! Disco Inferno being chopped up with the excellent touch of Mr. Keating! I know I like it!!


There you have it.  For those of you who didn’t know who this man was, enjoy looking for and finding his tracks — and when he comes to a city near you, he is most def worth the $30.  For those of who who are Blood fans, I truly believe we are on the eve of a classic.  He got his remix bug out of the way (pray for more), and now it’s time to unveil his classic masterpiece.  (PS, Boy 8 Bit is my new Fake Blood, but we’ll save that for another post.)

BONUS! I’ve also included my two favorite remixes from the remix legend.  Oldies but goodies, real goodies.

Little Boots: “Stuck On You” (Fake Blood Remix)


Noah And The Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N (FAKE BLOOD Mix)


Blood is thicker than water….xx

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DJ Mehdi (1977-2011)

September 13th, 2011

DJ Mehdi (born Mehdi Favéris-Essadi), the Parisian electro/hip-hop producer renowned for his work with the likes of Daft Punk and Chromeo, has died at age 34 — apparently the result of an accidental fall. Friends, collaborators and his many admirers are paying tribute.

Chromeo: “We lost our brother. No words.”

Theo Keating (Fake Blood): “We have lost one of the rare beautiful people in this business. A true gentelemen and a friend. I am in pieces. My heart goes out to his boy.”

Martin Solveig: “Devastated. We all loved Mehdi. My warmest thoughts to his relatives and Ed Banger crew.”

Uffie: “I’m so sad I couldn’t be at the hospital with the rest of the crew to see your face one last time. You knew how to light up our heart as did a dancefloor. Life wont be the same without you in it… we will miss you more than words can say… I just cant believe this…love you.”

Annie Mac: “I’m speechless for the loss of DJ Mehdi. Sending all my love to his beautiful family and to Pedro Winter and Ed banger Records in Paris. X”

deadmau5: “rest in peace Dj Mehdi :( didn’t get a chance to meet you, but fortunate enough to know you through the amazing music that inspired millions, myself included.”


Three Chord Revolution

September 6th, 2011

As we kick off 2011-2012, bpm Spotlight host SCOTT WILLATS joins us as resident blogger. He’ll be posting frequently on all things EDM, so bookmark the bpm:tv Blog and stop by regularly for updates. Follow Scott on Twitter.

 Welcome to my first official post! Aw, what a beautiful thing this will turn out to be. I’m gonna be coming  by as often as possible to drop off a few bits and pieces of info, music, swag, knowledge or whatever I can find that will help us (you and I) stay on top of the world of Electro.

What an absolutely perfect weekend for us to pop our cherry! I was lucky enough to get immersed in the posh yet punky place that we now know as The Hoxton. Who would be the DJ to christen this experience for me? Well, Embrace Presents, the kings of this s**t, brought us none other than the maniac we know as Fake Blood, along with bpm:tv favorites Poupon and Meech opening and closing respectively. Goosebumps. The show had an underground vibe, as it was full of some of the most knowledgeable fans you’ll find anywhere. With everyone decked out in the proper fashions and hipster chicks galore, the scene has never looked better. More on that event in the next couple of days.

The Hoxton’s showcase of electro could only be trumped by one thing: the unique event that takes place each year at the world-renowned Guvernment: Labour of Love.

Benassi, Crookers, Bloody Beetroots, Deko-ze and Avicii turned the heat on so high the crowd was more of a pool than a dancefloor. Soaked and loving it. To be honest, I can’t even think of an accurate number to tag the head count: 5,00o? 7,000? 10,000? It was full! So many surprises, so many right tracks at the right moments, and so much love in the air the crowd had no choice but to fall into that zone we call LOL! More on that in the coming days as well.

So: two nights of extreme partyin’ — you can imagine how the body feels. Wouldn’t change it for the world, though.

As I write this post, I’m prepping to interview Mr. Tim Berg aka Avicii in the next few hours. I can’t wait for you to see the footage that we got of him at Labour of Love. An absolute Big Room DJ! But before I take off, I’ve got some goodies to drop off …

Justice: “Audio, Video, Disco”
Number one is a new Justice track. What? Huh? Did I say Justice? Yezzzzir! How beautiful is this relationship going to be when Justice puts out a new track for our first post? Brilliant. I haven’t listened to it more than twice and it is only a preview, but if I’m correct in my first observations … it’s Justice. Lol — enough said! BUY MUSIC FROM JUSTICE ON BEATPORT.


Avicii: “Three Chord Revolution”
The second treat I will leave you with is a new Avicii track that is climbing into my heart and becoming one of my faves. This is his moment, what can I say? Try it out: very Big Room, feels like it’s lacking some vocals, but I’m sure they’re coming. BUY MUSIC FROM AVICII ON BEATPORT.


F.O.O.L: “Too Arms”
The last one is a personal gem of mine. If you’re a fan (and you are) of Scott’s Selections, then you know I have a soft spot for the darker area of the electro world, and nobody is doing it better than F.O.O.L. So put your combat boots on, war paint and fatigues! Turn this one up to 1,000 and enjoy. War music! BUY MUSIC FROM F.O.O.L ON BEATPORT.


This is gonna be good! xx