Deadmau5 – Album Title Goes Here: The Review

October 15th, 2012

Posted by Gosia Mrugala

Indefatigable bpm:tv bloggeuse Gosia Mrugala walks you track-by-track through the much-touted new Deadmau5 release, Album Title Goes Here. Buckle up!

And we’re off …

(1) Superliminal – I don’t think an album could ask for a better opening track. I am absolutely addicted to this one, which pulled me in from the start to the last beat. One of the tracks I had on repeat while listening to the album.

(2) Channel 42 – On this one, Deadmau5 gets together with Grammy-nominated American house music wunderkind Wolfgang Gartner. It’s quite an intriguing track, but one I had to hear several times before it grew on me. It really didn’t catch my ear at first, but in time I was won over by this funky tune.

(3) The Veldt [8 minute edit] – Can’t say that I’m a big fan of this track, something I would blame on overexposure. It’s an impressive, very mellow piece, but runs on a bit longer than the style really warrants. Still, I’d say it offers plenty of remix potential: we’ve already seen what artists like Tommy Trash and Ezon have managed to come up with when they’ve jumped on this track and added their own kick.

(4) Fn Pig – A calm, mellow buildup until it hits the 2:52 mark — then it changes up. And at 3:41 it kicks in seriously. Makes me think of one of my all time Deadmau5 favourites: “Strobe.” The same kind of insouciant buildup, and a nice rhythm as you get deeper into the track.

(5) Professional Griefers – I can’t lie: I was excited to review the album knowing this track was awaiting my judgment. The verdict: A-plus-plus-plus-plus. Seriously, Deadmau5 has done a transcendent job on this one. And throwing the vocals over to Gerard Way? Perfection. The music video, by the way, is beyond-words entertaining. Check it out:

(6) Maths – Another track I was anxious to review. How else can I put it? I’m absolutely addicted to this dirty electro track! By the one-minute mark it had captured my heart and my grimy, grimy soul.

(7) There Might Be Coffee – Kinda makes me feel like I’m watching  the credits of a Eighties film. Deadmau5 Presents … Flashdance! A funky beat that had me sorely tempted to grab my leg warmers, neon tights, Adidas shorts and a cut-up top. And after the workout? There might be coffee!

(8) Take Care of the Proper Paperwork – This one dragged on a bit, and kept me waiting for a drop that never quite materialized. Still, I can’t lie: I did replay it a few times. A tad repetitive maybe, but it assuaged my musical sensibilities.

(9) Closer – An intriguing opening, enough to really tweak my curiosity — and then it kicks in really nicely at the 2:18 mark. Relaxing, yet upbeat enough to keep the listener from dozing off. Consider me a fan of this one.

(10) October – With its ever-changing cadence, this is one that will satisfy just about any listener’s unique musical taste. I can see it rocking a festival crowd or being enjoyed on headphones in a more serene setting.

(11) Sleepless – Gotta say: not a big fan of the computerized vocals slapped on this track. For the first 25 seconds or so, it was all I could do not to press skip. Minus the vocals, it’s not a bad tune, and maybe a good one for chilling out at home. Can’t really imagine it being dropped at a club or a festival, though.

(12) Failbait – Um, WTF? This one caught me off-guard a little bit. We’ve got a decent EDM album here, and then suddenly: rapping. All “f*ck this” and “b*tch that.” Sorry, won’t lie to you: I didn’t even get past the one-minute mark.

(13) Telemiscommunications – Meh. For an album that starts with a boom and definitely pulls the listener in, it disappoints on the last few tracks. This one, like “Failbait,” just doesn’t feel like it belongs on the album. Instead of arriving at the end of the album wanting more, I was left feeling confused and a little ambivalent. Maybe this track will please some EDM listeners, but it was too mellow for my own tastes.

Gosia Mrugala is a Toronto-based blogger and reviewer. You can read her blog HERE, and follow her on Twitter HERE.



Sweets of the Week – April 27

April 27th, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats

Wow — feels like we haven’t had a Sweets for quite some time. First there was the whole Coachella thing, and then last week was a bit of a write-off. Time to get back into it! I’ve got a lot to catch up on, but only the newest for you. Leh-go!

Start off with a heater.  Designer Drugs have been informating us for quite some time, via Twitter and Facebook, that PLS DNT STP drop some of the hardest tunez out there. So what could be better than PLS DNT STP dropping an original remix over one of DD’s bangers.  This track is an anthem!

Designer Drugs-For All We Know (PLS DNT STP RMX): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Blood Music‘s LeBreton is back at it again with his new EP Steam.  Only two tracks but both of them are fresh to death. Steam chains you up in that Blood Music dungeon with maxed-out bass and a classic clap that will gnaw away at your soul. You know, in a good way. Pick it up!

Deadmau5 seems to be finding his rhythm.  It have something to do with the fact that his condo is finally finished and he’s officially moved into a place that contains not only a state-of-the-art studio, but also thousands of stuffed mice. Whatever it is, the music seems to be getting better and better.  This is spankin’ new and hot hot hot. Enjoy!

f**kmylife – Fn Pig: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Shout out to for releasing this ultra-exclusive new Jack Beats remix of Flux Pavilion‘s “Daydream.”  Two huge names, one incredible sound.

Flux Pavilion – Daydreamer (Jack Beats Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

The M Machine dropped their new EP, Metropolis, earlier this week, and they remain, as ever, blog darlings. The first track has my immediate attention — and now, with any luck, yours too.

The M Machine – Immigrants: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Judging by the SoundCloud upload date, it would appear that I’m quite tardy on this one. But what the hey — I love a good deep club sound. Maya Jane Coles goes completely old school Chicago on this one, giving me a warm feeling in my special places.

Franck Roger – Bring It Back (Maya Jane Coles Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Lets get ravey! You know what that means: Skream up in a di mix, zee mi now!  Shout out to Theophilus London for providing the material to re-work.

Skream – I Stand Alone (Skream Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Flosstradamus seem to be having a moment just now. I know that sounds outrageous to some, as they’ve been dropping bangers for a while. But it does appear that a wider public is now embracing the duo from the Windy City, and that’s nothing but good news for Floss fans everywhere.

Flosstradamus x Deniro Farrar- Look At The Sky: LISTEN TO IT HERE

And how dare I even dream of making a “Sweets” without dropping the newest Killa Killa sounds.

Yo! by Mart!n McFly (The Killabits Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

But where’s the Progressive house? you say.  Why, right here: the newest from Michael Brun & Special Features.  Big room all day!

Michael Brun & Special Features – Synergy (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Finalement, a brand new 50-minute mix from our favourite Frenchman, Gesaffelstein.  This might sound a little off-the-wall to those of you more used to traditional EDM, but variety is the spice of life, n’est-ce pas?

Gesaffelstein – Just Before The Dark Mix: LISTEN TO IT HERE

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