Sweets of the Week

November 11th, 2011

Posted by Scott Willats


Friday Friday Friday! 11-11-11 is todays date, and a numeric coincidence this special needs to be an occasion. Carl Cox is playing tonight at Downsview Park, Studio 3. If you happen to be around, I would definitely advise you to take that in — Cox never disappoints. This Saturday, meanwhile, Toronto will get its first look at a man I’ve spoken highly of before: Porter Robinson. Porter the Prodigy is going to be playing at The Hoxton tomorrow, and I expect him to serenade the Big Smoke. Once again Embrace Presents is the machine making this possible, so if you’re in the Toronto area be sure to grab some tix and head down to Bathurst and King!

On to the rich stuff. I got a couple of bangers for you and your crew that should fill your craving. A brand new track from a brand new artist on Fake Blood’s cult symbol and ever addictive Blood Music label. I also have remixes by some pretty influential DJ’s and a mini-mix of epic proportions. A quick warning, however: too many sweets will leave you only craving our beats! Straight heat!


First comes from a man who is touring with Skrillex and almost stealing the show. 12th Planet released his new singles this week and they scratch that dark-dub-itch perfectly.

12th Planet – Corner Pocket (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Next up is a track that will sound very familiar if you’ve checked my mini-mix already. Kaskade takes Zedd’s “Shave It” and makes it his own. Honestly, I don’t even think this should be called a remix — so polished!

Zedd – Shave It (Kaskade Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Next up, on Fake Blood‘s Blood Music label is a young man named LeBreton. I have no idea who this guy is, but he sounds like the perfect fit for the label. His EP Glass was released on Tuesday but it’s “Ghoul” that had me wearing red all week. (Makes me wonder if this is a Fake Blood alias — and that’s a compliment.)

LeBreton – Ghoul: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Who is GRiZ?!?! This mid-Michigan kid is an absolute beast on the boards. I’ve never heard a young producer drop so many soulful tracks. I guess that’s the Motown in him. This track is a therapeutic experience.

GRiZ – Where Is The Love: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Adam Björnberg is a Swede who was born in … 1994! This is getting ridiculous. The Swedes are like the Detroit Red Wings of the EDM world: they just keep inventing new talent and staying at the top of the charts. Try this big room banger!

Bjornberg – Absolut (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Speaking of big room Swedes, is there any bigger than Avicii?

Freemasons feat. Siedah Garrett – Rain Down Love (Avicii & Julien Kern Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE


Aaaaaand … just in case you missed the post yesterday: a brand new mini-mix by your favourite host/writer/DJ/music whore!

Enjoy the weekend and blast that latest bpm:tv mini-mix as loud as you can!!!!!!! 


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Halloween Special

October 28th, 2011


Posted by Scott Willats

It’s the week when guys dress in the most hideous or hilarious outfits they can find, while every woman resembles a porn star — and I couldn’t be happier. Halloween is a weekend that many of us cherish. Whether you’re the little kid who gets a night of candy and excitement, the high school and college kids making blurry mistakes at a Halloween kegger or the adult who appreciates the fun of a good night with friends, Halloween is always a joy. So let’s make it a little more fun!

I’ve compiled a playlist of some of the best electro-house tracks to play this weekend. Whether you’re playing at a party, hosting one or just messing with the kids that walk to your door, I’m sure this will fit in nice and perfect. So strap up and keep your children close because … alll work and no play make Johnny a dulllllll boy! REDRUM!

Felix Cartal does a great job of making an eerie melody, Clockwork picks it up and adds the zombies!

Felix Cartal – Skeleton (Clockwork Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Creepy and vicious … Ado gives you a taste of Blood Music with Voids


Not the scariest melody, but dark and deranged!

Gesaffelstein – Glass: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Like I wasn’t gonna get him up here. The master of the dark melody: even for Fake Blood, this one is a little murderous. Makes you feel like the prey being hunted.

Fake Blood – Voices: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Michael Myers on dubstep? Get me out of here! From the king of horrocore, Figure!

Figure – Michael Myers is Dead (Original Mix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Having gone to school in Ottawa, I know how they get on Devil’s Night out there. Ottawa’s finest lend a vintage sound to the evening.

Boy 8-Bit – Wolfen (Jokers Of The Scene Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

And a couple videos to top it all off. First up, from the French Jack Ripper, Gesaffelstein, who shows you what Tour de France you do not want to be a part of (or maybe you do).

Gesaffelstein — Viol: WATCH IT HERE

Meanwhile, Designer Drugs practically party in a graveyard. From 1:55 on I feel like I’m watching a Kubrick flick. Love it!

Designer Drugs – Drop Down: WATCH IT HERE


 Have a Happy Halloween…………xx

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