IDM Meets Super Mario

April 25th, 2011

Over on the L.A. Times music blog, Jeff Weiss talks up Bowser, the debut release on Alpha Pup Records from Angeleno beatmaker Jonwayne. The album’s trippy sound is described as “melding the smoke-scarred dizziness of [Intelligent Dance Music] with faded 16-bit videogame melodies.”

Weiss: “Hewing to an almost all-instrumental sample-free bent, Wayne splashes woozy synthesizer against tense tiptoeing drums. His goal is to conjure the pressure-wracked moments that preceded childhood video game victories — the heart palpitations that ensued when you finally reached the boss level, the soaring euphoria when you dispatched a giant animated Koopa that had an unnatural fixation for trapping princesses.”

Read the whole thing (and download an mp3) here.

More info from Alpha Pup here.