EDM Euro Cup 2012 – Group 4

June 7th, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats

On the football pitch, Group 4 is not the most formidable of the UEFA EURO 2012 tournament.  Behind the decks, however, this is by far the most talented foursome in bpm:tv’s Euro Cup of EDM. England, the birthplace of so many A-list DJs, is the true capital of the EDM world. France has long been the place you go to find fresh new sounds, while Sweden has emerged in recent years as a contender for global dance music domination. Ukraine may be the underdog of this group, whether we’re talking soccer or music, they are definitely in the fight. Allons-y!


Ukraine – DJ Marika Rossa

She might not yet be a household name, but Marika Rossa is well supported throughout the world. Drawing on the deep roots of techno and blending it with most popular contemporary sounds, she has a knack staying ahead of the curve. For those of you who looooove techno (and speak Ukrainian), her podcasts are definitely worth checking out HERE.

Here’s a prime example of Marika going haaaaaaaaaard!

Tracks by Marika Rossa on SoundCloud: LISTEN HERE

France – Madeon

With so many big name talents to choose from — David Guetta, Daft Punk, Brodinski, Busy P, Mehdi, SebastiAn, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar, Laurent Wolf, Justice (whew!) — it may come as a surprise that I’m nominating Madeon to rep France. But when you look at the facts, this really is a no-brainer. Hugo Leclercq was only 11 years old when he started producing music. Not learning music, producing music. He broke into the scene when he won a competition for remixing Pendulum‘s “The Island,” and the rest, comme on dit, is history. Madeon is quickly becoming a favourite worldwide. When he drops a new track you’ll quickly find it being bumped on BBC Radio 1 and circulating around the blogs. The kid has what it takes — will he take what he has?

Madeon – Icarus: LISTEN TO IT HERE

England – Erol Alkan

You thought I was gonna pick Fake Blood, didn’t you? Psych! He was, admittedly, a close finisher, along with such big-name UK dubstep producers as Flux Pavilion, Rusko, Benga and Skream. Likewise such pillars of the scene as veterans Pete Tong and Judge Jules. But in the end I had to go with Erol Alkan. A pioneer and an influencer, Alkan is a G. He’s been pumping out records for close to 20 years, and never seems to tire or grow stale. He just keeps reinventing himself. And then there’s his Web site, an absolutely definitive resource when it comes to the music we like; if you don’t already have it bookmarked, go there now. I’ll wait right here.

Way too many great tracks to choose a favourite; I’ll just give you this.

Erol Alkan’s Extended Reworks: LISTEN HERE

Sweden – Alesso

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Which came first: Swedish House Mafia or Sweden’s dominance in EDM? A valid question. Sure, Eric Prydz and Axwell have been mainstays for a decade or more — but in the last three to five years the Swedish scene has hit some kind of critical mass, with its DJs turning out banger after banger after banger. Look at Otto Knows. A little known figure, until suddenly his track “Million Voices” goes massive, grabbing all the headlines and all the good spots in your set — until, I dunno, a new Dada Life track surfaces. It’s pretty incredible.

Just at the roster: SHM of course. AN21, Avicii, Cazzette, The Knife, Style of Eye, Albin Meyers and so many many more. But once again, I go with the young gunner. Alesso embodies everything that comes to mind when you think Swedish house. Big room, attention to detail, tunes that make your mom go “Ooooh, I like this one.” Of course you do, mom. Of course you do. Not just insanely talented — the kid is nice, nuff said. And just like Sweden’s star striker, Ibrahimovic, he doesn’t look like your “typical” Swede.

Keane – Silenced By The Night (Alesso Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Alesso @ Electric Daisy Carnival, NY – LISTEN TO IT HERE

And that wraps up our EDM Euro Cup 2012. Hope you enjoyed it — and I hope you enjoy the tournament as well. Even people who hate soccer tend to come around start liking these games. Just hope I gave you the perfect soundtrack for those post-match victory parties!


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The Monday Mash – December 5

December 5th, 2011

Posted by Scott Willats


Another weekend come and gone to much success. Winter is here: for many that means hibernation, while for others it’s time to get into winter party mode. Personally, I’m always up for a good party with good music, but I mostly find myself spending time with small circles of friends until about March. And that’s great, because it means I really get to try new stuff in terms of playing music and seeing what resonates. Constructive criticism from friends is always better than the feedback from a crowd of strangers, so I really search through different sounds and genres to see what type of love they get. Here are some that passed with flying colours — with luck, they’ll make your set or playlist too.

A tune like this isn’t the ideal winter track, but I don’t plan on waiting until March to break it out. The Long Beach City Kids are back with a disco/rap/funky/drumstep track that immediately makes you feel cooler than you are. Try to not dance to this!

LBCK – Real Caviar ft. Chuuwee: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Brand new synthetic funk from Louis La Roche, and it hits all the pressure points nicely. You never quite know what you’re going to get from him, but it always seems to be stylish. He really doesn’t try to do too much to the track — just embraces the simplicity of it.

Louis La Roche – F.U.B.A.R: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Never been a huge fan of Cobra Starship. In fact I’ll be honest: I don’t really like their music that much. They actually seem to be pretty cool people, but their sound has just never connected with me. However, I am a fan of Bingo Players, and with this release they give Cobra Starship a whole new light to shine in. The song is dope, and maybe I won’t skip past them anymore when I see a new release. Btw, this was ripped from Hardwell‘s mix — and no, Mac Miller isn’t on it. (At least, I didn’t hear him.)

Cobra Starship feat. Mac Miller – Middle Finger (Bingo Players Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE 

Just a couple more to keep you warm.

First is the brand new video from the baddest-coolest-flyest-rudebwoi in the game: Dillon Francis. This video is hilarious, and you can see what an easygoing, funny guy Dillon really is. He’s also the elite of the elite. No one has put out hits like he has these past 12 months — and as we come to the end of 2011, he has to be a serious contender for EDM artist of the year. This video is for a track I posted a good month ago: proof that this site needs to be bookmarked, my friend! Enjoy the visuals!

Finally, one of those year-end mash-ups that always seem to pop up in December. You know the story: all of the big pop tracks of the year, blended together so your kid sister and your mom really feel like they understand the art of mixing. As corny as these tracks can be, sometimes they’re good to keep in your catalogue for a wedding or bar mitzvah, when you’ve got to pop out something that’ll satisfy all ages. And besides, they’re good to have around so that in 10, 20, 30 years from now you can listen to a year of pop culture in five minutes. The video for this one puts it a cut above the norm, too. Enjoy!

Kaskade review tomorrow!

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Is It Safe to Dance?

June 13th, 2011

Happy Monday! We are posting a link to this Napanee Guide article about the return of Eighties synth-poppers Men Without Hats mostly as an excuse to also post a link to this totally awesome YouTube video, which mashes up “Safety Dance” with footage from the adventures of giant rocket-propelled Japanese turtle Gamera. You’re welcome!

Safety Dance vs Gamera!

Ivan Doroschuk: “The New Wave and 1980s music is still happening because it’s primarily a dance music, and after the 1980s, you went through a whole bunch of music that wasn’t really danceable. It was sort of self-reflective, doomsday music. But people want to dance, and that’s why disco is still there. You go to any kind of function and you put a disco song or 1980s pop song, and the dance floor will fill up in two seconds.”

Sampling: Thievery Corporation

June 1st, 2011

Culture of Fear, the new album from Washington, DC trip-hop duo Thievery Corporation, drops on June 28. Check out this teaser, a five-minute Culture of Fear mashup.

Culture of Fear Teaser by ESLmusic