Sweets of the Week – May 11

May 11th, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats

A quiet-ish week in terms of new releases — but that doesn’t mean what we do have lacks for quality.

A lot of the big DJs seem to be on a bit of a hiatus right now. There may be a couple of reasons for that. WMC wasn’t that long ago, and a lot of artists dropped their newest stuff at the conference. Plus, festival season is just around the corner, and many DJs like to wait and give new material a test-run in front of a live audience. I’ll admit I often prefer to hear new tracks for the first time at shows rather than on the blogs, so the more of this practice the better, as far as I’m concerned.

All that said, some of the heavy hitters are still leaking new material. In today’s post we’ve got some Pretty Lights, Benga and Digitalism, to name a few. Strap up!

Back like he never left.  When we went to London, Ontario last week for the Grand Benders party I was hoping to cross paths with this hometown hero. But Overwerk, as it turned out, was busy tearing up Norway. By way of compensation, however, he’s given us something brand new — and it’s a banger!

OVERWERK – House ft. Nick Nikon: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Ma-Ma-Ma-Majoooooor Lazer! What more can you say? The boys are back in the groove, making beats of quality. Alex Clare is one lucky son of a bitch to get this all for himself! Huge!

Alex Clare – Too Close (prod. Diplo, Switch): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Hitting the Trap hard with this one. You like Trap muzik, you like Doctor P, this is gonna rock your shit, son!

Doctor P – Neon Feat. Jenna G (CRNKN Trapt-out Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Continuing with the bass: new Benga! ‘Nuff said, right? A huge shout-out has to go to BeBe Black, who really makes this song her own. Big!

Benga feat BeBe Black – Icon (Original Version): LISTEN TO IT HERE

This track reminds me of the late comic Mitch Hedberg’s classic line: “I remixed a remix until it became an original again.” Sound Remedy takes on Sound Remedy … proper. Finest tune of the week IMO.

KO KO – Float (Sound Remedy Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Pretty Lights is back at it again, and it’s his pretty old self shining through: a mix of bass and hard drops on this peach of a tune. Feels like it’s been a while since we last heard from the Colorado giant. Let’s hope there’s more coming soon.

Pretty Lights – You Get High: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Goldroom seems to have attracted a news and different audience in recent months. I’m not usually one for fads, but this one is definitely worth climbing aboard. Love this track.

Goldroom – Fifteen (feat. Chela): LISTEN TO IT HERE

What do I keep saying about Germany? They seem to perfected some kind of magic potion, because EDM’s global centre of gravity is rapidly shifting from Sweden to Deutschland.  And Digitalism is spearheading the takeover. Justice fans will eat this up!

Digitalism – A New Drug: LISTEN TO IT HERE

I find Coyote Kisses something of an enigma. When I listen to one of their songs, there always comes a moment when I find myself thinking I would have chosen a different road in terms of sound choices. Yet by the end, I feel satisfied with the result. This new track is sheer genius, and makes me think the duo are ready at last for household name status.

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe (Coyote Kisses Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE


HyperCrush seems to spark a love/hate reaction among EDM fans. Some find them too poppy, others say they get it just right. Personally, I think they are perfect party material.

In case you missed the earlier post: new Ruskooooooooooooo! Look out for a new bpm Spotlight episode on Rusko — coming very very soon!


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Sweets of the Week – Coachella Edition

April 13th, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats

It’s no secret that Coachella, which kicks off today, is the festival all the “cool kids” swarm to. Maybe it’s the fact that no media are admitted, or just that the organizers somehow manage to book the best artists in the world year in and year out (many from our own EDM world) — whatever the reason, one thing is certain: this is definitely a box that needs to be checked off your bucket list.

Now, for those of you who can’t make the cross-continent voyage to that sunny valley in California — no worries, I got you covered. This week’s “Sweets” features tracks from some of the hottest acts set to smash up Coachella this year. Put on your cargo shorts, switch on the sun lamp and crank the tunes. Close your eyes and it’s almost like you’re there. OK, I said almost.

Metronomy – The Look: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Sick …

Kele – Tenderoni: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Amon Tobin – Bedtime Stories: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Extra sick …

araabMUZIK – I Remember (Electronic Dreams Deluxe Edition): LISTEN TO IT HERE


Kendrick Lamar- The Spiteful Chant: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Sexy …

Breakbot – Make You Mine: LISTEN TO IT HERE


Doctor P – Neon: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Frank Ocean – Swim Good: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Smoothe … like smooth with an “e,” as in eeeeeeextra smooth …

Gotye – Smoke and Mirrors: LISTEN TO IT HERE

R3hab – Chainsaw Showers: LISTEN TO IT HERE

A classic re-worked …

Justice – Valentine: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Kaskade – Turn It Down (Le Castle Vania Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Hands down, the one artist I would most want to see live at Coachella …

Katy Perry – Part Of Me (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

And that, I think, is enough for now. But check back next week as we double down on Coachella artists and get into the nitty gritty!!!!!


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