Catching Up: Sweets of 2011

January 3rd, 2012

Posted by Scott Willats


So Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone, leaving the inevitable post-holiday sense of letdown in their wake. To lift the spirits a little, here’s a look back at the Sweets of the Week anthems that made 2011 memorable.

Posted three weeks ago: VLSONN‘s beast of a tune. Cop the EP amigo!


Dec. 9th Sweets: what more can be said of Zeds Dead? If 2011 is any indication of what 2012 will bring, we might be looking at a dynasty!

Zeds Dead – Ruckus The Jam: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Dec. 2nd: Possibly the biggest breakthrough of the year was this 21-year-old from Michigan. GRiZ is it!

Can’t Tell Me Nothing by Kanye West (GRiZ REmix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Nov 25th brought us German prodigy Zedd‘s newest release. Getting a lot of love throughout North America with this one.

Zedd – Stars Come Out feat. Heather Bright: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Nov 16th gave the “iPod song” a new identity

Caesars – Jerk It Out (Sawgood Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Remembrance Day had all the vets going wild with the latest from Blood Music’s LeBreton.

LeBreton – Ghoul: LISTEN TO IT HERE 

Nov 4th was Deadmau5 week … with “Aural Psynapse” being the treat of choice

Deadmau5 – Aural Psynapse: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Oct. 27th had Nico Jaar‘s newest on blast!

Sneaky Sound System – Always By Your Side (Nicolas Jaar Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Oct. 20th brought Bombs Away

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Bombs Away Dubstep Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE 

Oct. 14th … it’s all Bassssss.

Ferry Corsten – Check It Out (Bassjackers Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Thanksgiving!!!! Shots to the head with this one.

Headshotboyz – Sweton: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Sept. 30th was all Killa Killa….

Easy – Heatshock (The Killabits Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Sept. 23rd had Toddla T in town

Toddla T – ‘Streets So Warm’ feat. Wayne Marshall & Skream: LISTEN TO IT HERE

Sept. 16th….where’s the Dillon at?!?!?

Toddla T – Take It Back (Dillon Francis Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE

Sept. 9th … some Toronto swag. Poupon just might be the next big thing!

Poupon – Searching EP: LISTEN TO IT HERE

And that’s that. Can’t wait to hear what’s going to be dropping in 2012. I have a feeling EDM is going to hit even higher heights — and I’m stoked for it. Have a Happy New Year………………….xx

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The Monday Mash on Tuesday

September 27th, 2011


Posted by Scott Willats

I hope your weekend was as good as mine. Thursday’s Culture Clash was an absolute hit. Everyone who attended was blessed with a night of exclusives, throwbacks and goooood music. I thought it was a success. Then I had one of the best interviews of my career, featuring Toddla T. Look out for the Web Exclusive clip coming soon! I won’t give much away, but we exchanged some real sick tunes and I hope to get some up this week. By the way, T and Roska absolutely killed it at the Mod Club. Another success — and it was only Friday.

I wasn’t able to make it to Alex Metric because of previous arrangements, but I heard it was a stellar show. All in all, the weekend was a proper one — and if fall continues like this, summer will just be a distant memory.

Later this week I’ll really get into the shows in more detail. I’ll also be talking a lot about the show coming up this weekend: The Killabits at The Mod Club. This one will be special, because we’re going to be there filming an episode of Live Sessions Canada. And if you know the Killabits, you know that they throw a wicked live set. So I’m stoked for that!

Here are some of my picks of the weekend…..enjizzzoy!

Skrillex – Bangarang


This next one’s a bit old, but it just got brought back to my attention — and it was being bumped throughout the weekend!

Naeleck – Agaru


Pallada – Dreamcathcher (Spencer & Hill Bootleg Mix)


An oldie but a goodie … this track goes innnnnnnnnnn!

Dubsidia – Kill Humans (Dirtyloud Remix)


And a little something-something to get you ready for Friday …

Major Lazer- Never Good Enough (The Killabits Remix)


Keep it simple and wrinkled……xx

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Toddla T, Alex Metric and The Sweets of The Week

September 23rd, 2011


Posted by Scott Willats

The weekend is here — and the first weekend of fall is usually accompanied by a rush to get the last bit of summer partyin’ in. The weather should be nice, and the number of artists playing across Canada is enough to keep you occupied.

The people at Embrace Presents never cease to amaze me. Whenever an artist is in high demand, they seem to have a way of getting them to come to Canada — and to their prize venues. Tonight is no different, as Toronto’s Mod Club will host UK riddim rocka Toddla T. T has been a buzzword for the last couple months with the release of his long-player Watch Me Dance. The album is everything you would expect: a lot of drum’n'bass-like backbeats to go along with some hard hitting dancehall vibez fit for a soundclash in Kingston, Jamaica. The thing about T is, he’s a showman — not quite a Steve Aoki, but I guarantee that if you’re at Wrongbar tonight, he’ll find away to send you home kissing your teeth and yelling “Bombahclottt!” to your local cabdriver. I expect it to be madness. Lots of tunes to choose from, but this track has been bumping throughout the bpm:tv offices for the past month.

Toddla T – Body Good (with Timberlee): LISTEN TO IT HERE!

Brand new video HERE for a track that I posted last week. Cutting edge vybez, uzeeemi!


It doesn’t end there. Remix king Alex Metric will be at The Hoxton on Saturday. He’s touching down in Toronto for the first time in a while, and it just might be the show of the weekend. Expect to hear one of your favourite songs completely changed into something more dance friendly. I’m really hoping to get five minutes with him, because I want to know what goes into his remix recipe. Song selection, vocals, synths, bpm … how does he make them all so effortlessly? Maybe these questions aren’t supposed to be answered. Like why is the sky blue? Why is blue blue? If a tree falls in the woods and nobody’s there to hear it, will Alex Metric remix it? You let me know. I hope to see you there!

La Roux – Quicksand (Alex Metric Remix)


Here’s his new shhhh.

Alex Metric – Raveageddon


And, of course, it’s Friday, so here are my Sweets of the Week:

Hail Social – Heaven (Designer Drugs Remix)


Neo – Change (T*ts & Cl*ts Remix): LISTEN TO IT HERE!


This last one is bit special …

ConspiratorOfficial – Gypsy Lane


Pick your poison without poisoning your pick … xx

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Sweets of the Week

September 16th, 2011


Posted by Scott Willats

Weekend’s here! Unfortunately for a Caribbean-blooded soul like myself, the fall brings with it the beginning of the end. I know there are many — and since I’m talking to Canada — millions of people who anticipate the season of winter. And while there are many things to love about winter, it just isn’t the same as those summer nights that I adore. So in order to heat you up, I have some fire that will have you gathered around the iPod dock, leaving the campfire in the distance.

Jennifer Lopez: Papi (R3hab Remix)
First track is a tune that sounds like it actually should have been released closer to the beginning of summer. It’s from the recently single (oh, US Weekly, how you clutter my brain with useless info) Jennifer Lopez. I must be honest, I haven’t heard the original — but this remix leads me to believe I will never need to hear the original. R3hab is an absolute remix machine lately, always taking it upon himself to remix hot top 40 tracks. Play this when the party is about to hit its peak. LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD.


Market Price x Jay-Z x Kanye West: Mark The Throne
This one is a biggy. A duo of dustup DJs from LA known as Market Price did something everyone was thinking in a matter of weeks: remix the Watch The Throne album by Jay-Z and Kanye West and wickedly call it Mark the Throne. This was always going to be tricky, and an album of this quality rarely needs any improving, but we’re the dub generation — everything needs to be remixed, right? My fave track is “Why I Love You,” but give the whole album a listen. By the way, the whole album is free … what!?!?! Play this throughout the night. LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD


Toddla T: Take It Back (Dillon Francis Remix) + Echo Park: Fibreoptic (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)
I’m going to send you two tracks to get the party going wherever you might be. Both are remixes, and both go hard. Dillon Francis, of course, giving us some moombahton flavor, though I wouldn’t exactly limit this track to that genre. 12th Planet gives you dubstep at its finest. Both remixes taken from Toddla T and Echo Park respectively. This might leave your party guests with soiled undergarments. Play this when everyone is, um, feeling nice.



Justice: Helix + DJ Mehdi – Signatune (T. Bangalter Edit)
Lastly we have a brand new track from Justice. This track is really funky and has a strong disco feel and will grow on you rather than immediately resonate with you. Unfortunately any new release from the Ed Banger Records camp this week was going to be very much overshadowed by the untimely death of DJ Mehdi. I’m sure you have already heard that he died from falling from a roof and all that can be said is that the world lost a great smile. Let’s remember him for his talent and his style, because just like everyone else at Ed Banger, Mehdi was a trendsetter. “Signatune” was always my favorite of his tracks.



Be safe with your taste…..xx

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The Monday Mash

September 12th, 2011

Posted by Scott Willats

Another weekend blown by and the music was heavy, the brain is hurting and the liver is shot. Guess what? I’d do it all again. No time to detox when you’re going as hard as sheetrock.

Friday was a success with both parties and I was happy to see some bpm:tv fans show up and enjoy the festivities. The Poupon EP is special, people — pick it up!!

A little on the sluggish side today, and it’s Monday, so I won’t waste your time with a lot of dialogue. In fact I won’t waste it with any.

Here are three tracks that came out this weekend that I am completely in love with.

Kaskade: “Turn It Down”
First is a big room track from bpm:tv fave Kaskade. Tune is an absolute monster and I’m finding it really funny how we take Kaskade’s production for granted. This guy represents consistency. Hope, wait, glad you enjoy it!! BUY KASKADE’S MUSIC ON BEATPORT


Toddla T: “Streets So Warm”
Second is from Toddla T. His album was sent to us right around the time we were heading to WEMF. Such a strong reggae influence, and for those of you who are Major Lazer fans this is riiiiiiiiight up your alley. Eh Yo DJ, Brinnnnng Dat Riddim Back!!! BUY TODDLA T’S MUSIC ON BEATPORT


Skream: “Up All Night (Remix)”
Third is the special one…….Skream!!! If you have been waiting for a follow up to his version of La Roux‘s “In for the Kill,” then wait no more. Words don’t do justice to his remix of Alex Clare‘s already huge track. Turn this up!!!! LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD


Time to chill while these tracks spill…xx

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